Rave Outfits Bodysuits, Catsuits, and Rompers


Rave outfits come in all shapes and sizes, and of course, countless styles. If you’re bringing the most common outfits into categories, you typically have two major ones: one-piece outfits and matching separates. When it comes to one-piece rave outfits, there are three subcategories that are extremely popular: bodysuits, catsuits, and rompers. But what are the differences between these? Keep reading to find out.


Rompers take their design from a single-piece swimsuit-like shape. These items are typically legless and most often sleeveless as well; however, you will see a few rompers out there that have long sleeves. They come in many different styles and colors, and an endless variety of materials. Some will fully cover the torso, while others will have cutouts that show a lot of skin. The key way to recognize a romper is, if it pulls on like a one-piece swimsuit and shows the full length of your legs, then it’s a romper.


Catsuits are another sexy one-piece option for a rave outfit. When you hear the term “catsuit,” you probably naturally think of Catwoman—after all, it’s right there in the name. But a catsuit doesn’t have to be a head-to-toe, ankle-to-wrist covering. The defining characteristic of a catsuit is that it is a single piece and covers the legs. Rather than being like a swimsuit (as a romper is), a catsuit is, essentially, a combination of a blouse and pants. 

The design of the top portion of the catsuit doesn’t really matter at all, so it can have long sleeves, a halter top, off-the-shoulder straps, or anything in between. Catsuits can also have cutouts and various design details, just like a romper, so long as the fabric extends fully down the legs.


This is kind of a trick question because bodysuits aren’t actually a separate category. They’re simply another term for any one-piece outfit. So, in reality, catsuits and rompers are both types of bodysuits. However, many people will use the term exclusively to refer to one-piece clothing items that extend all the way down the legs and the arms. (So, based on that definition, Catwoman doesn’t wear a catsuit at all! She wears a bodysuit!) It is not incorrect, though, to use the term “bodysuit” interchangeably with the other types of outfits above.

So if you’re looking for one-piece rave outfits, bodysuits, rompers, and catsuits are a good place to start. Just make sure you know which type of outfit you’re looking for, so you can use the right terms when doing your online searches!

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