Pandora jewelry cleaning tips to enhance the shine of the product


It is well known that silver, gold, or any other material requires proper care and maintenance. If there will be no care provided to them then they might get tarnished slowly. For cleaning your Pandora jewelry, you have both DIY and professional option. By choosing the professionals option, you will be free from damaging and improper cleaning of the jewelry. This is the best option for the Pandora outlets. On the other hand, you need to put in extra effort when choosing the DIY option for cleaning. There are certain cleaning tips that you can consider for keeping your jewelry clean and shiny forever. 

Cleaning tips for Pandora jewelry

Hire professionals – A cleaning machine called tumbler is available in all the Pandora stores. The store services provide proper maintenance and cleaning of the jewelry without any damage. The Pandora store offers an appreciative cleaning service; you just have to take your bracelet and go to the store for cleaning.

Use Dish Soap and warm water – This DIY method is basically approved by Pandora for quick cleaning of the jewelry. Take a bowl filled with warm water and then add few drops of dish soap and when it gets bubbly then put the jewelry in it. After that used toothbrush having soft-bristles and start scrubbing the jewelry until it gets a proper shiny. Using a silky soft towel you can dry the jewelry individually. 

Polishing cloth – It is considered one of the best techniques for keeping the jewelry shiny and sparkling. You just have to rub the silver parts with a cloth softly. The dark marks will be clearly visible on the cloth as the tarnish of the jewelry is rubbed off. Using a silver polishing cloth, you can polish the jewelry properly and neatly. 

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