Order Hand Bouquets from Your Singapore Florist After Making 5 Considerations


There are several reasons florists make and send fresh flower arrangements for delivery around Singapore. One of these reasons is weddings. If you are about to hold your wedding, here are five factors to consider when choosing the perfect flowers and arrangements.

#1 Shape & Size

Wedding bouquets come in various sizes and forms, ranging from modest Queen Victoria-style posies to large, overflowing arrangements that virtually trail to the ground. Inquire about creating mock circular, cascade, hand-tied, or asymmetrical hand bouquets with your Singapore florist. It can help you determine which type of vibe you want to exude with your floral choices.

#2 Colour

It is critical to match the flowers in the hand bouquets and arrangements in your Singapore wedding with the colour of your motif or your gown. If you choose white flowers, ensure they are the correct shade of white. Bring a swatch of your bridal gown and your bridesmaids’ gowns.

#3 Seasonal or Meaningful Flowers

There are many flowers available all year. However, it is best to use flowers in bloom for the season for financial and environmental reasons. Incorporating meaningful flowers, like your favourite or your birthday flower, in a bouquet is acceptable.

#4 Easily Held

Opt for easy-to-hold hand bouquets for your Singapore wedding. You and your entourage will hold onto the bouquet arrangements for most of the day. Ensure that the shape and size will not make you feel uneven.

#5 Trusted Florists

You might want to approach the same florist you order your ‘get well soon’ flowers from on the island. They most likely know your taste in blooms. It also ensures you are working with people you can trust. Explain your vision for your bouquet and how you want to use them around your venue.

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