Newborn Gifts for a Baby Shower


Finding the right gift ideas for a baby shower can be difficult, since there are so many different things you can focus on. However, there is an option that many of us often overlook, that is gift shops that professionally make gift sets specifically for baby showers! Always stay ahead of the trends, so you can give something which truly stands out. So, how can you pick the best baby shower gifts for girls or the best baby shower gifts for boys? Here are some great options for you to take into consideration before you make your final decision.

Baby sound machine

Baby sound monitors can make great gifts for a baby shower. They are most definitely needed and can help the family avoid the cost of having to buy one themselves. These sound machines are versatile, great to use and you can soothe the baby in no time. It’s a cool, unique gift idea for a baby shower and one of those things that parents will appreciate more than you might expect. Which is what makes it such a wonderful baby shower idea.

Montessori soft toys

The Montessori method is great for helping kids learn new things. There are many soft toys that are using this method, all while offering the fun and excitement that you would need. Some toys offer stimuli to the babies and can help with building essential motor skills early in their childhood.

Smart baby monitor

Another great baby shower gift idea is the smart monitor. This would be one of the most essential items any parent can have to monitor their child. So, if you’re considering a gift, then this is definitely one to consider. Smart monitors are great because you have a lot of information directly on the phone, including a live stream of the child if you want. That’s great because it helps eliminate any worries, while offering an innovative way to take better care of your child.

A beautiful bodysuit

You can go with licensed bodysuits & other clothing items for babies too. These can be quite creative, to the point where you will be very impressed with the experience and process as a whole. Some have pretty designs and others have quirky catch phrases that are quite funny. That being said, you can easily opt for a personalised pillow too. Whether you want baby shower gifts for boys or for girls, these can be really good and a high quality option.

Changing pad

It’s a mess, but someone has to do it! Changing a child is not easy, but the truth is that a changing pad can make this process much simpler. It’s a nice approach and you will find that a changing pad can indeed help eliminate a lot of the hard work. Gifting a change mat is also a great idea and any new parents would warmly welcome such a gift.

Teething toys

There are great teething toy sets that are very suitable as baby gifts too. These feature all kinds of licensed characters, and obviously they are a wonderful gift that everyone will check out. It all comes down to checking them out and the experience can be a great one all the time. Another option is to mix and match several items that you like and present them together as one gift.

Baby Shower Gifts

You can also search for a variety of baby shower gifts too. These are great because you can share all kinds of helpful items in a single package. That’s what makes it such a great option to keep in mind, especially if you want a unique gift idea for a baby shower. The choices are endless with many brands and styles to choose from. Style up or down depending on your budget and taste until you find that perfect hamper for your next baby shower. Many stores now are offering curated options which allow customers to design their own gift.


It can sometimes be difficult to find the best gift idea for that next baby shower. The idea is to find something creative, unique and fun for the parents or baby and don’t be afraid to try something new. These options listed above are great because they bring in a lot of unique items that the entire family will enjoy. Remember to get creative and explore all the options. If you’re wondering what to buy for a baby shower, try out these ideas, they can help bring in a smile to their face, while also offering something that’s useful!

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