Most Amazing Tattoo Ideas For Sailors


Sailors always show interest in getting inked. Tattoos signify a lot of things for sailors. Getting a tattoo is exciting and stays as a remembrance for the rest of your life. If you are a sailor set out on an expedition, then you can look at these amazing sailor tattoo ideas.

  • Fully-Rigged Ships – a fully rigged ship is one of the most intriguing and popular tattoos you can get as a sailor. A fully rigged ship is the one which has three or more masts and all the square sails deployed fully. It usually means that the sailor has successfully passed through the Cape Horn which is an area affected by stormy seas.

  • Nautical Star – the stars have always been a very important sign for the sailors. They helped them to track their way back to home. The nautical star is a five pointed star and has been mentioned throughout the history of human expedition by seas and ocean. You can shade the tattoo and make it look more interesting & creative.

  • Shellback Turtle – the Shellback Turtle is a brilliant tattoo idea that not only looks cool but is very aesthetic also. If you have crossed the equator, then the Shellback Turtle idea is even more relevant. Why? Check out the history.

  • Crossed Cannons – if you are in the navy, then you can get yourself a crossed cannon tattoo. It stands for a veteran who is serving in the military as a sailor. It gives out a bold and very powerful statement to whoever gets it.

  • Anchor – the anchor is probably one of the most common tattoo ideas that a sailor can get. The anchor plays a very important role in almost every ship. Whether it is a civilian ship or a war ship, you will always find an anchor. So, getting an anchor is a great idea for those who want a simple tattoo.

  • Rope on the Wrist – the knot of rope on the wrist of a sailor signifies him as the deckhand. A deckhand is the person who keeps the mooring, cargo, decks and hull under right maintenance. So, if you are playing such a role, you can get inked with this brilliant tattoo idea.

  • HOLD and FAST – this is a lucky charm that sailors exclaim when they are rigging and gripping. The tattoo is inked on the four fingers of each of your hands. “Hold” means that the sailor will not let go off the line under any circumstances. “Fast” means that they will complete their work quickly.

  • Compass – a compass always helps you to understand the right direction. No matter where you are, a compass never fails to show you the right way. So, as a sailor you would always want to return home safely without any danger. Right? That is why a compass tattoo is really a great and important design you can consider getting inked.

Here are the top tattoo ideas that a sailor can check out and get it inked right away! Visit and check out their amazing tattoo sunscreen.

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