Meaning of flowers: Which one is the best for Mother’s Day?


The new collection of Mother’s Day bouquets gives off love, spring for each of its flowers. It is specially designed for those moms or those people who have pampered us like a mother.

Sending a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day can be a perfect gift idea with which to show her a little of the love she always gives you. Click here for the choice at

Each bouquet tells us about some of the moments we live with them, but the flowers that compose them also speak for themselves. Discover with us the meaning of Mother’s Day flowers .

Meaning of roses

We couldn’t start with anything other than the roses, the flower queens! They are as well known as they are loved by all, that is why they never fail. Just like a mother. If you want to send a most sincere I love you, they are your flowers. Roses represent the purest and sincere maternal love and affection. If you decant for a bouquet with roses, get a gift for Mother ‘s Day is-pec-ta-cular . You can find these flowers in many colors: red roses, white roses, pink roses, blue roses , etc. and each of them has a different flower meaning.

Tulips meaning

They have an overwhelming personality and do not go unnoticed. Within the meaning of flowers, tulips are very strong flowers that never stop growing, even once cut. They are associated with sympathy and joy, like what your mother will feel if you send her a bouquet of tulips at home for Mother’s Day . In addition, there are many different colors, so they will be perfect for any decoration. Yellow tulips, red tulips, blue tulips.

Meaning of lilies

Giving a lily is showing loyalty, confidence, energy and joy. It reminded you of your mother, right? Without a doubt, the lily and its meaning is directly related to Mother’s Day. This flower is linked to mothers and femininity. It reminds us of everything she has done for us and all the times she has taken care of us.

There are many colored lilies : pink lilies, white lilies, blue lilies, yellow lilies … But giving a bouquet of flowers with lilies will make you remember all the moments lived with you and those that remain!

Meaning of the coves

The calla lily or water lily is considered one of the most elegant flowers to give as gifts. Needless to say more. It is just perfect. As legend has it, it was used as a symbol of eternal and pure love. That love that will never never break. Giving a bouquet of calla lilies to mom will reinforce that bond between you without saying a word.

Carnation meaning

The carnation is one of the flowers that lasts the longest, as the patience and love of a mother go in equal parts. They remind us of the strongest relationship of all and that is undoubtedly that of a mother and her children. Red carnations, white carnations, pink carnations … no matter what color you choose!  If you are looking for a bouquet of flowers that will remind her of everything you love her for longer, sending a bouquet of carnations will be the right gift.

Meaning of orchids

The meaning of flowers is as varied as flowers exist. The orchids are related to a love that lasts over time, calm and stability. That feeling of being clothed and protected that only the love of a mother gives you. We can find orchids in many colors, although the white orchid is the winner par excellence. Either way, giving an orchid will be something your mother will never forget.

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