Maroon Prom Dresses Are the In Thing – Wear One to Your Prom


The countdown has already begun and all the girls in your gang would already be busy preparing for the prom. There hasn’t been a bigger occasion in your life and perhaps you won’t have one as important till you say ‘I do’ walking down the aisle during your wedding. Prom is special and if you are going through a mix blend of emotions where you feel nervous, anxious and excited at the same time it’s quite natural. After all, the importance of this day in a girl’s life is undeniable. Every girl who has even gone to the school would have fantasized about how they’d dress at their prom.

It’s a great occasion not just to showcase your style but also to show everyone present on this special day that you are the torchbearer of what’s trending in the market. No girl likes feeling left out or disappointed with what she is wearing at a prom. It takes months of planning and weeks of careful preparation to get everything right for the occasion. You wouldn’t want to dress the way girls did a year or two back. The trends change every year and your aim would be to be in sync with the times. You can dress in red but millions of girls have been doing so every year over decades.

The Color Shade That Is Making News            This brings us to an important question – what’s trending this season? If you are one who doesn’t want to play it the old school way and make a statement go for maroon this year. This color shade was out of trend for a few years and is making a grand comeback this year. While the color never really went out of fashion completely over the last few seasons, we had seen designers experiment with shades such as burgundy and rose gold. But these shades have had enjoyed their acceptance for a while and don’t generate the same level of excitement as maroon is getting this years.  Maroon has got all the designers and online stores around the world excited.

Maroon is special as it is the perfect expression of celebration. As someone who is bidding adieu to teenage and taking first steps towards adulthood it is the perfect expression of welcoming womanhood. Maroon like red is very expressive. While it has all the boldness and grandeur of red maroon does it in a little subtle way. The best part about choosing maroon prom outfits is that suit everyone’s skin tone and color of hair. You may be blonde or a brunette and yet you will be able to carry your dress with grace.

Mermaid prom dresses in maroon is what most girls are looking at this season. Mermaid dresses have been one of the popular choices for several years now. If you are tall and have a perfect hourglass structure you should go for a mermaid dress without any hesitation. There are different designs and styles for you to choose from. V Neck long gowns would be a great choice if you wish to play it the traditional way while the sexy backless beaded outfit would be the perfect pick for those wanting to grab all the attention at the event.

Take a look at the online stores that are selling maroon prom dresses and you will surely find one that suits your style and body shape. Choose the right accessories to go with your maroon outfit and you will make some of your best buddies envious! That’s what you want to do most at the prom, don’t you?

About Author: Georgina Smith is a designer who has been writing about mermaid prom dresses for quite some time and according to her maroon prom dresses are going to be very popular next season.

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