Many People Like, What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping


In recent years, many people have turned to online shopping, instead of shopping directly in stores. Especially with pandemic conditions like this, where there are rules for social distancing and others, so people start shopping less and less at direct stores. In addition to having advantages, of course, online shopping also has disadvantages. 

Advantages of Online Shopping

There are many advantages of online shopping, one of which is the many discounts that are often offered. Here are the advantages of online shopping.

  1. Many platform options

With online shopping we will be faced with many choices of online stores. Now on social media we have found many sellers ranging from Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. Not only that, currently there are many e-commerce emerging such as

  1. Anytime and anywhere 

Doing online shopping can be done at any time because the online store will not close. Smart Buddy can still view, choose, and order products at any time there is no time limit. But of course each store usually applies operating hours. Based online, of course Smart Buddy can make purchases anywhere via smartphone.

  1. Advantage  

The nice thing about online shopping is that usually a store or e-commerce offers a lot of promotions. Such as discounts, free shipping, and vouchers so that the prices can be cheaper than physical stores.

  1. Payment is easier

There are many choices of payment methods that you can do, such as bank transfers, paying via minimarkets, credit cards and others. This is one of the attractions for buyers or potential consumers. 

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Already know the advantages or benefits of online shopping, then what are the disadvantages or even tend to be disadvantages? Here is the explanation.

There is a risk that the goods are not suitable, where when you choose and decide to buy the product, it turns out that the product you receive is not like in the photo. So you need to be careful when looking at product details, product images, and product descriptions. Don’t let Smart Buddy be careless and careless when doing online shopping.

Can invite impulsive buying, where Smart Friends buy products that were not previously planned. Without realizing it, this is a loss for Smart Buddy, the items that Smart Buddy actually need may be missed because of this impulsive buying.

Prone to fraud, if you are not too observant and negligent, online shopping can be a loss. Smart Buddy must properly check online stores both on social media or e-commerce. Check the testimonials of other buyers, how many followers they have, as well as pictures of the store’s products.

Consumptive, seeing a lot of products in online stores can certainly make you complacent or hungry for your eyes. What is not really needed, is bought and so out of control.

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