Looking For A Massage Gun? Consider These Before You Get One


There are few people in this world, who can claim that they have not suffered from any kind of muscle soreness or muscle stiffness. If you are not one of those lucky few, then you must have felt the need for a good massage at that time. Employing a masseur might not be an option for you like many of us, so a massage gun can fulfill that need. But before you rush to buy one, here are some things that you should consider.


Every massage gun has the same working principle. It creates a gentle wave by rapidly oscillating a moving part. It is used to physically target the muscle area to loosen it up. The intensity of this vibration determines how deep and how fast the muscle is hit. This depends on 2 factors – ‘Amplitude’ and ‘Revolution Per Minute (RPM)’. Higher amplitudes (> 10mm) can bring more intensity in comparatively lower RPM (< 3000). You don’t need too high intensity unless you are a professional athlete. Also, you should look for a massage gun that can be set to different levels of RPM.


You should consider a well-balanced massage gun as it will have better weight distribution to reduce stress on your wrist. A good design will also allow you to massage difficult-to-reach body areas by yourself.


Massage Guns work with a vibration motor. All vibration motors make sound. If the gun is not able to suppress the noise from the motor, it can become very uncomfortable to use when used in enclosed areas or body parts that are near to the ear.

Power Efficiency

Like any electronic device, power efficiency is big factor for a massage gun. If it can’t produce enough power or the battery runs out every time you use it, then it’s of no use. Some massage guns use replaceable batteries or give extra batteries in the pack to compensate that. For professionals, it might be helpful as they can charge one battery while using one. For normal use, a better option can be a strong inbuilt rechargeable battery.


If it’s too cumbersome to carry, it will seldom be used. So, you should look for lightweight and portable massage guns. It’s a bonus if it can be charged with the same charger and cable as your mobile phone. Then you will have one less thing to carry while going out.

Extra features

Most of the massage guns offer flexibility by having a changeable head and giving different kinds of massage heads in the pack. Some of them offer heat adjustments to give a much wholesome massage experience.

You must keep in mind that this is just a tool and like every tool, it can harm your body (like muscle damage or ruptured blood vessels) if not used properly. Also, it is good if you can try one before you decide to buy or at least have the option to return in case it does not suit you.

Description: Massage guns have lots of advantages. It works great on a sore or stiff muscle. It can reduce your stress by allowing your muscle to relax. There are lots of massage guns on offer in the market, but before you pull the trigger (no pun intended) on one, here are some things to consider.

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