Launching Your Shopify Store: Preparations You Need


Congratulations if you have decided to launch your Shopify store after much hard work and time. While the process might seem exciting, it can quickly mutate into an overwhelming job. A trillion things race through your mind, and you want to complete the process with the help of the best tools for Shopify.

Here’s a systematic approach to launching your Shopify store correctly and ceaselessly.

Shopify Store Launch Checklist To Follow

Add Sales Channels (If Any)

To benefit from your digital store’s multi-channel retailing, determine the best sales channels that suit you. After that, you can consider adding the available sales channels to your online store. Sales channels can connect with the primary medium of your Shopify store, and it lets you keep a tab on your customers, products, and orders.

Create A Customized Domain For Your Site

Creating a customized domain for your website wouldn’t only help your brand achieve recognition and make it simpler for your customers to recall the URL.

Ensure Your Payment Gateway Settings Are Fine

Before driving traffic to your Shopify store, you must ensure people can complete their purchases successfully at your store. You can try placing an order on your site using the live payment gateway to see if it is working.

Prepare Your Standard Pages

Having a handful of static pages ready to let the visitors browse. Through these static pages, they can get more information about your business. Some of the standard pages to include are:

  • Homepage
  • Contact
  • About Us
  • FAQ
  • Store

Check Your Email Notification Settings

Email is one of the best tools for the Shopify store. You will find various automated emails on your digital store that you must customize before launching the store. Review your email templates and create some exciting sequences that boost your sales.

Consider Image Optimization On Your Site

Slow-loading images can affect both the search engine performance and user experience, especially when you are having a flash sale on the occasion of your store launch. It is the reason you must ensure optimized images for your site.

Top Tips for Image Optimization:

  • Add descriptive words when naming the images.
  • Carefully get your alt attributes optimized
  • Minimize the image’s file size
  • Select the best file type
  • Get the thumbnails optimized
  • Test the images

Review Your Shipping Settings

Make sure that the tax settings and shipping costs are perfect for the products you are offering. Les, you might make lesser profits by not quoting thrice price.

Lastly, once you are done using the best tools for the Shopify store launch, it is time to spread the word for your business through an innovative marketing strategy. Now that you have understood what it takes to launch your Shopify store successfully, you can begin your online business soon.

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