Keep your hands soft and smooth using Huxter Hand Cream


Huxter is all about creating unique visual products that stand out from the crowd. The soaps, cream, bath, and body collections are manufactured using natural ingredients with an amazing feel and smell. It is mainly manufactured in Australia. Stored all over Australia and beyond, it is renowned for creating the perfect gift of soap covered with works by local Australian artists in the beautiful art series. The Huxter products are sold through public websites. It began in 2016 and stocked in over 2000 stores in countries like Australia, Asia, North America, New Zealand, and Europe.

The Huxter’s individually hand-covered soap bars feature the real works of art by local Australian artists, making them the perfect gift! Their French three-grind soap is enriched with nourishing shea butter, leaving the skin beautifully cleansed and moisturized with a rich and creamy texture. It is 100% proudly manufactured in Australia.

Huxter Hand Cream

Hand cream is a special formulation that nourishes the skin on the hands and provides the necessary protection for it. Good hand cream will soothe your hands and make them soft and smooth. This will repair and undo the damage of neglect on your hands. The hand cream is made from natural products like almond oil, coconut oil, shea, and cocoa butter to keep your hands soft and nourished. The Hand Cream by Huxter contain a mixture of natural blend and are sustainably sourced, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free. It consists of six different fragrance options,

  • Wild Rose & Neroli- It is a non-greasy hand cream with the natural odors of a delicate blend of wild rose, neroli, and raspberry essential oils.
  • Citrus & Cucumber- It is made with a fragrance of a refreshing blend of zesty cucumber and citrus essential oils.
  • Orange Blossom & Lime- It is a non-fatty hand cream fragranced with a blend of sweet orange blossom and fresh, natural lime essential oils.
  • Cedarwood & Fig- This hand cream is fragranced with a unique blend of fresh fig and rich cedarwood essential oils.
  • White Jasmine & Violet- This cream is indulgent, non-greasy, and is perfumed with a timeless blend of sweet jasmine blossom and violet essential oils.
  • Bergamot & Amber- This indulgent, non-oily has the aroma of a refreshing blend of aromatic bergamot and amber essential oils.

Benefits of Hand Cream

Using hand cream should be a part of your daily routine. Most hand creams are available in small quantities and can be carried in your wallet. This allows you to replenish your hands during the day when you feel dry, or after washing them. Regular use of hand cream will combat the symptoms of premature aging, as well as increase moisture and skin elasticity. Good hand cream will protect your hands from UV exposure, which is the main cause of cracking and pigmentation.






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