Is Tungsten the right choice to make for wedding rings?


Among the men, Tungsten has uncertainly become the number one choice for wedding bands. Day-by-day, its popularity is increasing than titanium and other kinds of metals.

It is said that the ring for your marriage should always be perfect as it remains with you for a lifetime. A man’s wedding band symbolizes the integrity and love of his lady love. Tungsten is available with a distinct style and suits a particular personality. Obviously, those who are already wearing jewelry for a long time, Tungsten is capable of catching new attention.

Does Tungsten an ideal metal?

Tungsten is present as a pure metal commonly found in nature. Yet, the pure metal is not preferred to make the jewelry. Actually, the jewelry makers use tungsten carbide for preparing wedding bands. Therefore, whenever you go to a jeweler, he will show you jewelry-grade Tungsten, which is robust and durable.

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Reasons behind the suitability of Tungsten for man’s wedding band?

Wedding bands are known to last forever. That’s why; jewelers combine Tungsten with carbon and little amount of cobalt or nickel in the process of making tungsten carbide. The final form is compelling and can be compared with the strength of diamonds. The tungsten carbide is simple to carve and stylize as per the requirement of users. Because of low maintenance, high durability, and sturdy nature, this metal is becoming a prime choice for making wedding bands.

Why Tungsten is preferred over other metals?

People generally buy wedding bands depending on their budget. But, it is suggested that it shouldn’t be so expensive that one falls into debt. Comparing to Tungsten VS Titanium, Tungsten is the cheapest option. Moreover, there is no requirement of frequent polishing and also provides a sophisticated look that can never be achieved gold or white gold.

Tungsten wedding bands are available in intricate patterns and engraving. This means it gives more scope of innovation, finishes, and designs. Another option is to add attractive colors to your tungsten wedding band to provide a personal touch.

Tungsten rings have ideally become a mainstream jewelry fashion among youngsters because of lots of choices given by this metal.


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