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Mobile phones have become a necessary part of our daily lives. Starting from work, entertainment, education, general information on the internet and so much more is dependent on the efficient working of our mobile phone. It is almost impossible to imagine a life without these smart devices. Thus, their safety and upkeep are imperative.  

Reasons for investing in mobile repair plans

Once you drop your mobile, the most common damage that occurs is damage to its screen. If you think that minor cracks on the screen can be ignored, it is NOT SO. Cracks – big or small emit radiations that are harmful and hence must get taken care of. 

Loss of voice clarity, signaling damage to speakers and sometimes faulty camera are some other common problems that you encounter with your phone due to physical damage or wear and tear; While going to an unauthorized service centre may prove to be an expensive trip as the repair cost could be around 20-30% of the cost of new mobile, you can’t ignore these minor damages as well because eventually, your phone may just stop working completely. 

Another possibility is a liquid damage! What if you accidentally drop your phone in water or it gets drenched in monsoon? The product warranty for your mobile does not cover this damage and hence you are left with no choice other than to get it repaired at whatever cost or buy a new one for further use.

Sometimes your mobile suddenly starts malfunctioning and cause could be unknown to you (probably a software or hardware or some kind of virus); You hurriedly rush to a service centre and realize that the cost of repair is running into thousands! 

In all the above cases, you are left with no choice other than to invest a good amount of money on your mobile to make it workable again. But the smarter way to deal with these unfortunate scenarios would be to get you a good and comprehensive smartphone protection plan.

Advantages of getting MCare Protection Plan: 

  1. Save Money:

There are no hidden costs at MCare. Our plans are carefully drafted and inclusions are very well thought of. You won’t have to pay an extra dime apart from the protection plan fee when it comes to the claim. Just select the plan that you think will be best suitable for you and leave all other worries to us.


  1. Hassle-Free Service: 

Once you buy our mobile protection plan, you’ve saved yourselves and your phone from all the tedious challenges. Our service is super hassle-free and we fix your mobile in just 3 simple steps that are:

  1. Your mobile crashes
  2. Raise a service request or call us on our toll-free number
  3. We shall come and pick the mobile, repair it at the earliest and drop it at your doorstep once done.

Doesn’t it sound too good to be true?

  1. Top Quality Work:

Once we are done with your phone, it will be as good as new! Our highly qualified service engineers ensure you get top quality service at all times.

So if you are tired of calling up service centres and want to ensure nothing happens to your precious device just buy Mobile Protection Plan from MCare.


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