Importance of Getting Consultations Before Visiting a Local Hair Salon


In the past few years, hairstyling consultations have become very popular. Much like any other business-related consultation session, these styling consultation processes help clients and hairstylists set clear styling objectives. The era of visiting hair salons unannounced is gone. Top hairstylists have extremely busy schedules. They can’t offer specialized haircare to people with no prior consultation or bookings. During these sessions, clients get to ask vital hair-related questions like – what they expect from the stylist, what haircare products they want to use, allergies, etc. They can also bring images of their desired hairstyles. This free-flowing conversation puts both the stylist and the client at ease.

Importance of Client Consultations

Client consultation sessions were designed to make the process of getting haircuts easier and more comfortable. While some clients immediately get comfortable with their hairstylists, some clients need more time and patience to come out of their shell. No hairstylist wants to deliver a substandard result. But, non-communicative clients are always on the receiving end of these substandard results because of their lack of communication. Top hairstyling experts take notes during these sessions. They save them and read them right before the client’s visit. A top local hair salon will use technological tools to manage and assess this information. These experts aren’t afraid to ask for repeat consultations if there are any misunderstandings in the first one.  

What Questions Will the Stylists Ask?

Hairstyling experts keep the focus of their consultation sessions on the client’s wants. They ask questions like how the client feels about the hair or how they would describe their scalp. They’ll also ask about the hair features the clients like and dislike. A discussion about the client’s past history with professional hair care products is also very important. Clients need to be honest and make style suggestions using pictures.


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