How To Shop Online For Beginners


The internet has long been a medium for sellers and buyers to meet and conduct buying and selling transactions, both in small quantities (retail parties) and large (wholesale parties). For old players, they may have mastered the intricacies of online business from a to z, but for beginners, they may need a guide on how to trade on the internet, which holds millions of opportunities and risks.

Currently, there are several ways or steps that can be taken in doing online shopping. This is very important to prevent you from cybercrimes when doing online shopping such as fraud or shipping errors. Especially if you are a layman who has never made transactions online.

How to Shop Online

1. Buyers come and look at the products sold by the seller.

2. The buyer contacts the seller to ask or confirm.

3. The buyer sends or transfers an amount of money to the seller, then reports after the money has been successfully sent.

4. The seller sends the goods ordered by the buyer and informs the buyer if he has successfully sent the product.

5. The buyer confirms to the seller if the goods have been received and the contents are checked for completeness. Additional:

If the transaction method chosen is COD (cash on delivery) then the seller and buyer will meet at one place. The buyer will see and check the seller’s product directly and pay for it if the buyer likes it (numbers 3 to 5 do not apply).

Important Requirements for Online Shopping

Telecommunication Media

Telephone, email, sms, social website messaging features, online messenger, irc chat, and so on can be used to connect with clients. A good and healthy transaction is where the seller and buyer communicate first before the transaction occurs (buyer to seller), after payment occurs (seller and buyer), after delivery occurs (seller to buyer) and after the goods have been received by the buyer (buyer to buyer) seller).

Payment Methods and Instruments

seller (seller) must prepare a way for the buyer to make payments either by bank account transfer, credit card, online digital payment, cash on delivery, or others. The seller must be able to accept common payment techniques and not make it difficult for consumers to make payment transactions. The buyer must also be ready to have a means of payment that the seller can accept when a sale and purchase transaction occurs. To get the flexibility of payment methods outside the existing ones, between the seller and the buyer can conduct negotiation communication. You should visit this, you will find what you need to buy

Shipping Methods and Tools

Buyers need to include a clear and complete address to which the seller will send the goods. Do not let the goods sent stray to another or unknown address so as to hinder the transaction. The seller must also choose a good and trustworthy delivery service (courier/caraka). It can also be a seller who comes directly to the buyer’s address if possible (cash on delivery method). From the beginning before the transaction, the seller must be able to determine the shipping costs that will be charged to the buyer or borne by himself.

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