How to Know If a Watch Part is Original


When buying a watch, you should check the watch’s serial number to determine whether it is genuine. The serial number will be stamped on the back of the watch. You can cross-reference it online to see how authentic it is. If it doesn’t have a serial number, it’s probably not an original. It should also have a lot of details, including the dial and hands. If you’re looking for a vintage timepiece, then it will have a lot of fine details on it.

  • Check the serial number

The most basic way to distinguish between a fake and an original watch is to check the serial number. A genuine watch will have the same serial number on the case and bracelet. If the serial number is different, you can place it on the back of the dial and look at it through a cyclops magnification.

The serial number can tell you a lot about the authenticity of the watch parts. You can do this by using an internet search for the serial number. This can help you to find out if the part is real or not. If you want to know if a watch is original, you should try to get it appraised. This way, you will be sure that you’re getting a good deal and not a fake.

  • Model number

When buying a watch, you should make sure that it is original. Do not be tempted to buy a replica. The best way to tell if a watch is authentic is to look for the serial number on the back of the watch. Many manufacturers will include this information on their websites. The serial number is usually engraved on the inside of the case. You can also check the serial number by placing the fake part next to a real one.

BVLGARI watches have a model numbering system. The model number is a code that corresponds to the 33mm gold or steel case. The letters and numbers are logically designated, but a fake will have no serial number. However, a fake can’t be recognized by the model number and will look like an exact replica. By checking the serial, you can ensure that the parts in the watch are genuine and in good working order.

  • Get it checked by a professional

Once you have checked the serial number, you can go to a watch repair shop and get it checked by a professional. The watchmaker will provide you with the necessary information to determine whether the replacement is an original or replica. A watch part’s value is the same whether it is an exact replica or a fake.

  • Lugholes

The escapement is one of the most important parts of a watch. It is the part that maintains the oscillations of the balance wheel, which allows the hands and wheels to move. The gasket is a small ring used to create an airtight seal between two parts of a watch. The gaskets are located around the case back, the crystal, and the crown.

When buying a used watch, make sure the lugholes are drilled in the case. This is where the straps and bracelets fit into. The spring bars will be attached with a tool, so make sure you get a new strap to avoid damaging the case. The watch also has a deployment buckle, which is a tri-folding buckle. If a strap is original, it should be the same as the original one.

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