How to identify good jewelry


Jewelry has always been a woman’s best friend. They use them for various purposes, such as adorning themselves, giving them as gifts, and selling them for money. Over the years, from one generation to the next, the design and price have changed. However, identifying good jewelry can be difficult if you don’t have experience.

This article will discuss six things to look out for to help you identify good jewelry.


Almost every item made by famous brands and designers on the market today has a logo. This engraving helps brands or household names to differentiate their piece from fakes. As such, you want to look for the distinct company logo on the jewelry you intend to buy. Some brand logo engraving is hidden, while others are on the outside.


Price is one of the determining factors for knowing if a piece of jewelry is good or not. This is because when the price of jewelry is too good to be true, especially those from famous designers, it is fake. As such, you want to use a trusted vendor from brands with good reviews so you don’t buy knockoffs. An example of such a brand with a good reputation is Evry Jewels. Evry Jewels bestsellers pieces are authentic.

Check the stones

Checking the originality of the stone on the jewelry you want to buy is very important. There are a lot of fake stones out there, and if you are not careful, you will buy painted stones. Take a stone tester with you to immediately check the stones on your jewelry if possible. You could also take an experienced person with you to the store.

Examine the claws

The claws, or prongs, are small pieces of metal holding the stone on a piece of jewelry in place. It is usually found on rings and jewelry with stones. Real jewelry prongs are shorter and thinner and bend over the stone. Fake jewelry claws are fatter and longer and just hold the jewelry at the tips without really securing it.

Use black light

A black light is a small tool used to tell if invisible changes have been made to jewelry. These lights would reveal markings or modifications that your naked eyes could not see. Ultraviolet light is harmless. Jewelry makers to spot fraud or trickery in jewelry. A black light will make it visible to your naked eyes the glue holding down the pieces of fake jewelry.

Setting of the stones

Check the arrangement of the pieces on your jewelry. Fake jewelry mounting has more  noticeable metal holdings to hold the stones in place. Their arrangements are not done properly and may appear rough and poorly done. In authentic jewelry, the pieces are held together by soldering. They are neat and well-arranged.

Lastly, look out for markings on the jewelry. Fake jewelry is usually without markings, or they have a blur cast mark.  Real jewelry has a sharper cast mark as they use dye stamping in their casting process. As such, they are more visible and easy to spot.

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