How to Find The Right Strap Size for an Apple Watch


Recently Apple presented the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE, the first models, along with their exclusive Solo Loop and braided Solo Loop straps, two watch accessories that simplify the gesture of wearing the watch without a buckle. The new straps, unlike the previous models, do not have buckles, magnets, or mechanisms. They are neither more nor less than a strip of liquid silicone to dilate to place the watch on our wrist. This is the primary justification of why it is indispensable to choose the right size of the strap.

For best results, the Apple Watch cover should contact the skin for some functions such as wrist detection, Taptic Engine, and optical and electrical heart rate sensors. By wearing the Apple Watch with the correct fit (not too tight or too loose, but with room for the skin to breathe), you’ll find it comfortable to wear and let the sensors do their work.

Considering the closed format, we will have to be very precise when choosing one of the nine sizes in which these new Solo Loop and braided Solo Loop straps will be available. If you choose a too large extent, the watch will be too loose, it will not be accurate in measuring heart rate, blood oxygen level, or sleep quantification, and the Apple Watch will lose much of its functionality.

If you choose a watch that’s too small, you’ll have trouble getting the watch on your wrist, you’ll suffer from too much pressure on your hand, and both the strap and the watch itself will suffer every time you try to take it off.

We can buy our Apple Watch both in a physical Apple Store and through the Apple website; in this second case, we must choose the right size of our Solo Loop strap because if we need to return the belt, we will have to return the entire watch.

Now that if you want to avoid the complications of these new straps online, you can find suppliers with OK quality straps and spectacular designs. For example, Horus’s orange apple watch band is undoubtedly a favorite; Oh, how beautiful that orange apple watch band looks!

To avoid problems, Apple has posted a PDF document on its website that users should print at home to use as a template. This document has the silhouette of a belt and some numbers so that by cutting out the paper belt, we can get an idea of the exact size we will need.

All you need is to print the document 100%, and since it is a PDF file, you should have no problem doing so. To be sure, you will only need to place a credit card or your identification card (DNI) on the silhouette that appears on the side of the belt to check that the printed size is correct.

Another option is using a tape measure to measure your wrist’s contour. Depending on the circumference you get, the company’s website will result in one size or another, so check the perimeter and find out what size strap you need for your day to day with your Apple watch.

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