How to encourage your boyfriend to propose to you


If you’ve been in a serious relationship for a while, it’s perfectly normal to want to move things forward. The next step will vary from couple to couple, but one of the biggest steps you can take is marriage. For many women, they might be eagerly waiting for their boyfriend to propose – but if you’ve been waiting longer than you’d hoped?

This can be frustrating, especially when you feel like the situation is out of your control. Typically, when we want something, we ask. However, extensively talking about weddings, Valentina engagement rings, flowers, and venues can be tiring for both parties involved. So, what can you do?

Not to worry, we’re here to help with some helpful tips on how to encourage your boyfriend to propose to you! Before we start – let’s clear one thing up. This isn’t about tricking anyone or forcing anyone to do something they aren’t comfortable doing. This is about helping you move forward with your partner!

Open a dialogue

You might be in a serious relationship, but this doesn’t mean you have to get married. Your partner might have different views from you and might not even want to get married. This doesn’t change their commitment to you, it just simply means they may see things differently to you. Ask your partner if they see a future with you and if they do, what does that look like? This may give some context as to why he hasn’t got down on one knee.

If marriage is on the cards, perhaps he might not be ready yet. If this is the case, try to understand why. Make sure you are open to what your partner has to say and don’t judge. Empathise and try to find a solution together. Demanding things won’t get you very far.


It might not be the right time for your partner to propose. This doesn’t mean they don’t want to, but if they are in the middle of a career transition or perhaps are working through some debt, they may have other things on their mind.

Take the Pressure Off

There are few situations in life that helped by amping up the pressure. Explain to your partner that you don’t want the most lavish or the most expensive ring, and this will go a long to easing their mind. Perhaps their hesitation is the expense of everything or the pressure of creating a ‘fairytale’ proposal and wedding.

Talk about the Future

You can discuss the future without discussing marriage specifically. If the two of you begin to discuss things like a house, travel, kids, it will begin to create a vision that a proposal will fit into nicely.

Follow these tips and there might a pleasant surprise waiting for you in the not so distant future! Remember, getting engaged is about your future together! Try not to be demanding, but approach the subject openly!

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