How to Choose the Right Pearl for an Unbeatable Look?


Cultured Pearls are available in several different qualities to choose from. Buying the right pearl not just last for a longer time but also gives a fabulous look to the wearer. If you are thinking of buying pearl Jewelry then read this article before heading to a store.

You will find helpful guidelines that will help you select an ideal Jewelry piece from the premium collection of assorted pearl jewelry all across the world.

Pearl Qualities

When buying a pearl, the first thing that you need to do is to check its quality. Pearls from renowned brands maintain stringent quality grading standards. There are a few factors that you need to consider when assessing its quality.

  • Luster

Luster is the resulting light effect which is brought about when the light hits the surface and also due to the reflection caused by the internal glow. The better the nacre quality of the pearl, the more superior will be its luster. The Mikimoto pearls are of the top quality pearls with the high intensity luminous luster.

  • Shape

Pearls that have perfectly round shape are the most valuable of all the other types of pearls found in the market. Such pure pearls are also rare to be found.

  • Surface perfection

Subtle blemishes as well as tiny marks form its natural texture and act as evidence of its authentic origin. Fewer imperfections on pearl surface denote its high quality and value.

  • Size

The size of pearl is another important consideration that determines its quality. As large pearls are difficult to grow, their rarity is what makes them very valuable. Pearls are generally measured in the form of diameter increments of mm. The size of classic Akoya pearl ranges between 3mm and 10mm of size. The size of south sea pearls starts at 8mm and it can grow till 18mm easily.

  • Color

Pearls with color from cream, grey, pink, black, blue and green are the most valuable. South Sea pearls in colors of gold and peacock green are rarest.


By making the right selection of pearl Jewelry with these tips, you can easily create your style statement.

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