How to Choose the Perfect, Fashion Limelight worthy Bob Wig?


Bob hairstyle came into the fashion limelight for the first time in 1909 and has stayed in the limelight ever since. It’s a popular summer hairstyle, with various new variants available now. If you are considering buying a bob wig, these tips are at your service.

Choose A Wig That Suits Your Face

Imagine the horror when your newly purchased black bob wig makes you look weird. Before buying any wig, it is a must to consider your face shape. It is mainly because not all bobs suit all face shapes. Heart-shaped faces favor haircuts that frame the cheekbones and give a fullness to the narrow chin. Fluttery bob is the one for them. Round faces always look good in a well-shaped chin-length bob. Chin-length bobs, especially with bangs and mild waves, also make an oblong face look oval. An oval face is the jack of all trades, suiting almost all shapes and lengths of bob. Below-chin bobs with curled locks greatly complement square faces.

Try The Bob Before Buying It

Wearing a bob wig before going for the great purchase is a must. Imagine buying a frontal bob wig and not looking good in it. Always notice whether it irritates your scalp or not. Good quality human hair wigs never cause any irritation. Always choose the wigs that are breathable and comfortable, total summer material. Untitled

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What good is your lovingly purchased bob wig if you can’t wear it comfortably? If you are looking for a frontal bob wig, make sure that your wig comes with a return policy. While trying the wig, start applying it from the back of your head and bring it towards your hairline. Many wigs come with caps, adjustable bands, and combs. You can also use body-adhesive washable glues. These help in an easy tryout of the bob.

Measure The Size Of Your Head (The Circumference)

Contrary to popular belief, all wigs are not for all heads. It is nowhere written that your friends’ black bob wig will fit you completely well too. The reason behind this is the head size. Every wig, just like the shoes, has its size. Hence, it is wise to know the size of your head before starting your wig hunt. It is quite easy to know your head size. It’s no rocket science, neither does it need any extreme measures. Just take a cloth measuring tape, place its start to the middle of your forehead, and start wrapping it around your head to meet the starting point. Ensure that the tape covers the base of the skull (where the bob ends) and is also above the ears.

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