How has Nalgene led the recyclable canteen market?


Nalgene bottles are made from Lexan. Lexan was very durable, nearly solid, transparent, and possibly essential for consumers, did not present a “plastic” taste to the water. It was really odor-resistant and very easy to clean. So, you can have lemonade vodka eventually, as well as plain water the following, and not have the preferences from the night before.

Fun Truths About Nalgene

Seventy years since their beginning, Nalgene containers are still made equally as they were made back in 1949: BPA-free plastic pellets are melted into a tube then blew up with 150 PSI of air to create the traditional 32-ounce container.

Not just are Nalgene containers made in the USA; however, the material they are made from is sourced in the U.S. The firm ships 45,000 pounds of resin at a time from Tennessee, as well as holds them in storage silos up until prepared to utilize. Contrasted to similar containers made overseas, the Nalgene model has a 90% lighter carbon impact.

Nalgene isn’t simply the darling of outdoorsy kinds; it’s a star favorite. The bottle appeared in feature films like 127 Hours in 2010 and Wild in 2014, been proclaimed by Oprah on national television, and shown on the White Residence Grass as a component of Michelle Obama’s “Drain” occasion.

Up until 2002, the Nalgene container was just offered in grey. Today, you can select a Nalgene container from over 75 various colors and patterns. Most recently, with color, Nalgene produced its “Inspired naturally” collection, where seven colors set selected on feelings in nature and moods, from natural browns and purples to vibrant orange and green to peaceful blues. Nonetheless, the limited-edition bottle is preferred with its throwback hill lion logo, simply launched to commemorate this anniversary.

What are a few other manners in which Nalgene has led the multiple-use water bottle market?

The original bottle is made from Lexan. Lexan was extremely sturdy, clear, virtually solid, as well as did not convey a “plastic” odor to the water. It was extremely odor-resistant, as well as very easy to clean. Therefore, one day you are able to carry lemonade and simple water the following, and not have the preference from the evening before.

Hints regarding what the following 70 years might bring from Nalgene

Nalgene will remain to be in the leading edge of materials in the classification and advance products to fulfill the transforming consumption needs of the customers.

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