How Do You Make a Crisp Bouquet?



There are times when you need something fresh and unique as a gift in special moments. A gift like crisp bouquets can be an alternative to the popular chocolate bouquet. You can also mix your crisps with chocolate in a bouquet and make it a cool arrangement. Crispy snacks like chips are everyone’s favorite, so they will never go wrong.

Why are crispy snacks so loved by many of us?

  1. Comfort food

When you are feeling hungry but having a full meal is not a priority, crispy snacks are always there for you to eat. Crispy snacks like various kinds of chips (potato, corn, tortilla, cassava, nori, and many more) can comfort our hungry stomach anytime. Packed inside a well-sized bag, chips are like best friends that are always there when we need them. Midnight snacking? Traveling in a car? Group sleepover? Drama series marathon? Me time ritual? All checked.

  1. Sensory addicting


The salty and savory taste of crispy chips makes us willing to clean our fingers with our tongues. What about the crunching sound when eating a bag of chips? It is also addicting to hear, right? It is just another appealing factor of crisps, which is that crispy or crunchy sounds add a whole new sensory point to a food. As you habituate to a flavor of food when you eat it a lot, it tends to become less palatable over time. With crispy food, the sensory experience incorporates sound and taste. Both of them give that wowing moment to the brain in just one bite.

  1. Involve our emotion

What is amazing about the crispy snack is that it can make you more possessive over a single bag of potato chips. You want to keep the last piece of the chips only for yourself. Well, that is the power of potato chips or any other favorable chips. Another emotion you can feel after eating crispy snacks is, of course, the happiness that comes from the umami food. As the sensory parts of your body approve of how it does good to your body, so does the feeling that fills your hearts.

  1. Good trendsetter

Crispy balls

Those who produce crispy snacks guarantee you to never get bored with the available flavors. There is just always something new that comes out every season or year. It seems like they always keep up with the popular trends and culture, also matching the flavors with your precious taste buds. Moreover, they always make fun advertisements that can make you stare longer at your screen. It is no wonder that crispy snacks have been a lasting part of our life, and it happens naturally.  

  1. Delicious is all that matters

So, the conclusion is, all of the above points won’t happen if the food itself doesn’t taste good. There are a lot of food options out there, but do you need to like them all? No, only the ones that can satisfy your palate. Suppose the crispy snack is one of them. Lucky you for having such great taste.

How to Arrange a Crisp Bouquet?

Holding a basket of chips

Before diving into your crisp bouquet crafting, you need to be fully committed to it. If you don’t want the inconvenience of crafting your crisp bouquet to celebrate someone’s birthday, graduation, or any kind of holiday feast, you can just order it online. When ordering from a birthday gift delivery in Singapore, you can choose many beautifully arranged crisp bouquets. Not only crisps, but there are also other foods like chocolate and drinks like sparkling juice. The arrangement, too, not only the classic-shaped bouquet that ensembles flower bouquets but also in jars or baskets.

If you are ready to get creative, there are steps that you can follow to make your crisp bouquet.

  1. Preparation 

You’re going to need crispy food like various kinds of chips. The amount of chip bags you will use depends on your needs, but to make a quite big chip bouquet, you can prepare about 15 to 18 bags of chips. You will also need some bamboo skewers and tapes. You can use three different types of tape: masking tape, packing tape, and double-sided tape. 

Other things you will need are scissors, rubber bands, and paper. You can use bulletin board paper, gift wrap, or construction paper. Tape your paper together to be the size of your bouquet to cover up your chips. It is good to also use tissue paper to give that pop. You will also need some ribbons to be tied at the bottom.

  1. Construct the sticks

You’re going to want the stems of your chip flowers to be long enough. If what you get are baby skewers, you can just tape them together, so you don’t have to worry about this part. Put them together where the two pointy pieces are and just wrap the tape around that portion. Make sure that those sticks are nice and secured. Do as much as the number of chips you want to be presented in your bouquet by flower delivery singapore.

  1. Attach sticks onto the chip bags 

After you finish putting together all the bamboo skewers, you are ready to attach them to your chip bags. Flip over your chip bag and put on some masking tapes to attach the bamboo skewer. Put a piece at the bottom, a piece at the top, then a piece in the middle, and another piece across to make sure that your chips bag is nice and secure on the bamboo skewer. Continue doing that for the rest of the chip bags.

  1. Bundle up

After all of your chips are taped to the bamboo skewers, it is time to bundle them up. First, group up the chip bags based on your preference, so you will get a few bundles of chips. You can mix and match by color, size, or however you want to do. Of course, the last big bundle is to put together the smaller bundles you have created and make them into a bouquet.  

  1. Tie the bundles into a bouquet

Finally, tie your chip bundles together into a bouquet, make it secure with tapes, add tissue papers and bulletin board papers as arrangements and wrapper, and finish it with a beautiful-looking ribbon.

Need more other types of gift bouquets? You can check out a lovely collection of the classic chocolate bouquet in Singapore by FlowerAdvisor.

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