How Did Tee Shirt Make it to the Market?


A Tee-shirt (or t-shirt) is a t-shirt, normally buttonless, pocketless, and collarless with short sleeves and a rounded neck, wore over the head. There are additionally long-sleeved T-shirt and sleeveless T-shirt variations. It’s tough to imagine life without the t-shirt. But, “tee” really did not become a word in the English dictionary up until the 1920s and the style didn’t get conventionally until the 1960s. T-shirts were created in the early 1900s, but they were never intended to be seen! They were made as undergarments for the American Navy to wear underneath woolly jumpers. They continued to be put on by the U.S. armed services as underclothing till Hollywood celebrities James Dean and Marlon Brando surprised the world and used them as outerwear in films.

A Little Upset in the 1930s in the Sale of Tee Shirts

Once again there appears to be some inconsistency over dates, although the majority of have the United States Navy issuing crew-necked, white cotton, short-sleeved underwear around 1913. The recently developed tee shirt permitted simplicity of motion and fast drying out. By the 1920s the Tees had actually come to be a main tern in the American English Thesaurus. By the late 1930s, a number of US retailers were marketing them, particularly Hanes, Fruit of the Loom and Sears, Roebuck & Co. Apparently this blossoming style did have one trouble, in 1934 Clark Gable removed his clothes to reveal no tee shirt in any way in the funny “It Took place One Evening.” Just had a bare upper body.

This it seems sent tee sales dropping for a while. Hollywood unavoidably had the biggest impact on the timeless tee with such iconic pictures as Brando’s T-shirt in the 1951 “A Tram Named Desire” and James Dean’s unforgettable white tee in “Rebel Without a Cause” in 1955, that made tee wearing trendy and rebellious.

Nowadays, you can get any type of t-shirts you desire. Many people wear it for statement purpose, kids have their superhero t-shirts, music lovers have their favorite t-shirt as well as movie stars, or even funny auntie t-shirts. You can whatever you want to show others on your t-shirts, as well as custom print them.


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