Here’s How to Choose a Good and Right Skincare for All Face Types


Having healthy and bright skin is certainly not the result of overnight work. Need consistency in the use of skincare every day. Although the sequence of using skincare is quite long, the results obtained are very worth it. Skincare can reduce the risk of skin problems, eliminate dark spots, prevent aging, and treat acne.

However, the benefits of skincare can be obtained if you choose the right product. Make sure the products used are good and safe for the face and in accordance with skin conditions. In addition, how to apply it also needs to be done correctly so that the results are more optimal. So that there are no more mistakes in using skincare, let’s read the following tips for choosing skincare!

In recent years, the world of beauty is on the rise because more and more people are aware of taking care of their facial beauty. Various brands are competing to innovate to produce the best skincare products. Not a few also buy just because they want to follow the trend without doing a review first. Though this can cause facial irritation due to the composition that is not suitable for the skin.

So it is very important to read the ingredients in skincare before buying it because there are not a few well-known products that turn out to have harmful ingredients for the skin. What is considered good is not necessarily safe. So that you don’t choose the wrong one, here’s the right way to choose good and safe skincare:

1. Adjust to skin type

This stage is very basic but important to do. Without knowing your skin type, it will be difficult to determine what skincare is right for you. Generally, there are 3 types of skin, namely normal, dry, and oily. If in doubt, you can check the condition of your skin to a doctor or beauty clinic.

2. Pay attention to product permission

One of the safe skincare categories is that it has passed the test and is registered with BPOM. Remember, the BPOM license is unique for one product and not a brand. So it is very possible if there is a product from a brand whose license has not been or is still being processed. In addition to having clear legality, safe skincare is also very informative regarding its products, such as telling the place of production or the name of the doctor who made it. You can remove your wart by use this

3. Read the skincare composition

Although it will be confusing at first, finding out the ingredients of skincare is very important. Quite a lot of formulas without us knowing it is harmful to the face because it is often used by beauty products. Here are some ingredients that are considered very easy to cause inflammation and irritation of the skin:

Fragrance or fragrance

Who would have thought that fragrant beauty products are usually not good for the face? Skincare with fragrance contains alcohol and synthetic compounds that can cause allergies to hormonal changes.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

It turns out that SLS is widely used in shampoo, soap, mouthwash, toothpaste, and foundation. The effects of using SLS on the body are skin irritation, canker sores, acne, and oil balance disorders.


Almost all beauty products contain parabens with different levels of concentration. Found in make-up, moisturizers, shampoos, face washes, and shaving gels, long-term use of parabens can trigger breast cancer and interfere with fertility.


Similar to parabens, phthalates which are usually found in nail polish, perfume, lotion, and hair spray can cause breast cancer. Even in some children’s products, this content should not be used because it is very dangerous.

4. Avoid products that offer instant results

Wanting to immediately have a bright, shining face makes many people look for shortcuts. In fact, good products take a long time because they allow the skin to heal naturally. In addition, safe skincare also does not cause dependence or side effects after discontinuation of use.

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