Have You Started Balding? Here’s How to Hide Those Bald Spots


Is your full head of hair not what it once was?

Whether you’re 18 or 80, hair loss comes for all of us. It’s a sign of aging that is more prominent in others. Balding is genetic and is also influenced by certain lifestyle choices.

Without a doubt, you can rock a clean-shaven head. However, while you can always embrace change with grace, there’s so much you can do about hair loss too! Read on for some hair loss hacks you need to know.

Work With What You Have

Treat your remaining hair follicles with tender love and care. Work on preserving what you have by indulging in nourishing hair treatments. Hair oils and masks can revive your hair and restore your gorgeous mane.

Visit your hairdresser and have them give you a change of hairstyle. You can opt for a side part and have your roots dyed to cover any bare patches. Look into volumizing products to give the illusion of thicker hair.

Rock a Wig

Getting yourself a wig or hairpiece seems like the most obvious solution to attend to a bald spot. You can customize its style and color to fit your needs. Wigs have gotten more realistic now, and you have the advantage of their versatility.

Hair Loss Concealers

Hair loss concealers are camouflage materials that you apply to the bare scalp. They are often liquid, powders, or fiber in form. The liquids and powders temporarily stain or color the skin to match the appearance of your hair.

Fiber-type concealers are the least conspicuous. They are buildable compounds made of hair, wool, or cotton, that you apply onto the scalp like a paintbrush.

The individual fibers adhere onto the scalp with static forces. This holds them in place against wind and water.


Micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure where you tattoo the scalp to create the appearance of hair follicles. Hair micropigmentation gives the appearance of a bald fade hair cut. Use this to address bald spots or blend in scars with the rest of your hair.

Hormone Blockers

DHT or dihydrotestosterone is a natural hormone in your body. If you have male pattern baldness, your follicles have inherited sensitivity to DHT. This makes them smaller and more prone to hair loss.

Take finasteride under your physician’s recommendation to treat male pattern baldness. Finasteride reduces DHT production, increasing hair growth and reducing hair loss. Consult with your physician for the risks and contraindications of finasteride use.

Hair Transplants

A hair transplant could be the closest thing to a baldness cure. It’s a surgical procedure where the surgeon takes hair follicles from active parts of your scalp and implants them into bare areas. The source areas will regenerate their hair follicles when your scalp recovers.

How to Deal With Balding

Balding shouldn’t stop you from feeling like your best self. Create the illusion of a thick head of hair by changing your hairstyle. Take this trip to the salon to get deep hair treatments.

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