Hair Vitamins for Faster Hair Growth: what are they?


From time to time, every girl is faced with the fact that her hair begins to grow slower than usual. Moreover, hair can become drier and brittle. What to do in this case? It’s time to open the secret: thick, strong and shiny hair – this is not only the result of salon procedures. The beauty of hair begins much earlier – from health. It is the lack of vitamins in the body that can nullify all efforts in the form of expensive procedures and shampoos.

It is vitally important for healthy hair to make sure that your body receives enough vitamins and minerals. We suggest figuring out what vitamins and hair growth essentials are really needed for hair growth.

The pharmaceutical market has many different directed action multivitamin complexes. However, we are not going to talk about them. We will consider inexpensive and effective elements for hair growth. These are vitamins that can be obtained from food.

Vitamin A

Strengthens the roots, prevents baldness, normalizes the sebaceous glands, fights against dandruff and stimulates hair growth. Contained in carrots, spinach, melon, pumpkin, pineapple. Performed in a market in the form of dietary supplements. 

Vitamins of group B 

Activate hair growth and provide their strength. Vitamin B2 helps moisturize hair. Vitamin B3 is an excellent supporter for strengthening thin strands, makes hair denser. Helps improve blood circulation by stimulating the growth of new hairs. Regulates sebaceous glands, eliminates dullness and brittleness. Vitamin B6 prevents peeling of scalp and dandruff. Vitamins B8, B9, B10 and B12 are especially strong in combination. Separately, vitamin B8 helps strengthen hair, restores structure, stops hair loss. B9 is one of the most effective in the fight against baldness. B10 maintains colour, provides hair growth. B12 removes brittleness and dryness. Sources – eggs, peanuts, tomatoes, fish, red meat, cabbage.

Vitamin C

Controls blood circulation in the head, providing proper nutrition of the hair. Vitamin C presents in citrus, bell pepper and herbs. 

Vitamin PP 

Stimulates hair growth, protects them from moisture loss. Contained in almost all root crops and pumpkins. 

Vitamin E

Female Vitamin E is considered one of the most effective when it comes to the beauty of hair and skin. It provides hair follicles with intense nutrition and hydration.

We usually get all these vitamins together with food. If you are lack of any of them, it is recommended to use them additionally or as part of vitamin supplements. To decide what exactly do you need, it is highly recommended to you to appoint a specialist. At the same time, they are also can be added directly to shampoo, hair balm or vitamin masks. Follow the provided tips and make your hair look amazing!

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