Hair Products in Singapore 101 – Treating Hair Loss Properly


Hair problems are common, and hair loss is among them. There are many reasons why hair loss happens, from hereditary to medical conditions and ageing. Anyone can experience losing hair on their head. However, it’s common among men. Baldness can be a major issue that affects self-esteem and confidence. Nevertheless, one can avail of a treatment or purchase hair products in Singapore that treat hair loss.

For others, waiting for your hair to grow can feel like watching paint dry. The process can sometimes become slow. However, for those who are losing hair, it’s vital to know a few things that will help promote hair growth. Nevertheless, there is no miracle serum that will aid and treat hair loss overnight. Still, there are some products and treatments available to accelerate hair growth. The methods to counter hair loss are numerous, from serums and over-the-counter products to hair transplants.

As we said, there are no direct ways to grow your hair overnight. But here are a few things you can do to stimulate hair growth for faster hair growth:

Keep Up With Nutrients & Vitamins That Promotes Faster Hair Growth

There’s no doubt you can find the best hair growth serum or shampoo in your local market. The reason why these products can sometimes work effectively or less depends on nutrients and vitamins your body absorbs. While some of these products offer a supply of vitamins and nutrients, deficiency can still be an issue. Your body requires energy to grow hair, and the nutrients you have can influence the rate.

Hence, it is best to get your body the right amount of vitamins and nutrients based on your diet and supplements. Here are a few essential nutrients and vitamins your body will need for faster hair growth:

  1. Iron
  2. Vitamin D
  3. Vitamin B12
  4. Folic Acid
  5. Zinc
  6. Biotin
  7. Zinc

Before you consider taking a supplement, it’s critical that you consult and talk with a doctor first. There may likely be an interaction between medications that will lead to unintended side effects (which can be harmful). It’s also worth taking your time researching the product first, especially the ingredients list if you are planning to buy a hair product.

Know The Basics Of Taking Care Of Your Scalp

Scalp care is another not-so-secret way to promote faster hair growth. Maintaining your scalp clean and healthy is vital to help return your hair growth back to normal. If the scalp is not healthy and cleaned properly, dead cells, excess oil and dirt can serve as a blockage in the follicles. It can lead to dandruff and can affect your hair growth and quality.

So whether you’re using the best anti hair loss shampoo or conditioner, always keep your scalp in mind. Gently massage your scalp and avoid being ‘harsh’ with it. It will help enhance blood flow to the follicles to stimulate hair growth.

Have Healthy Diet

Diet is another ‘key’ factor affecting your hair health and growth. If you want to support faster hair growth, having a healthy everyday diet is a must. Consider following the essential vitamins and nutrients as a factor when choosing your meal. For example, protein-rich food, such as fish and lean meat are ideal since a deficiency in protein is linked to hair loss.

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