Give Your Newborn a Stylish Handwoven Baby-Changing Basket


The options for modern, handmade baby changing basket are nearly endless. You can find a perfect match for your nursery’s colour scheme, from natural fibres like bamboo and sea grass to cotton, hemp, and even velvet. Baby changing baskets have become an increasingly popular way to organize the nursery and keep babies safe while they’re being changed.

1. Baby-basket-mattress-insert

This stylish alternative to the traditional baby changing pad is made from durable, woven polyester and comes with a polyfill insert for extra softness.

2. Baby-Basket Alfonse

For a streamlined nursery, consider a baby basket that looks like a bed for the baby to sleep in. A few design options make it look like you have a full-size bed — from faux fur pillows to decorative headboards.

3. Bamboo linen baby changing diaper pail tray

Handwoven bamboo fabric makes this beautiful diaper-changing pail a practical addition to any nursery decor. It keeps the baby’s diaper clean and has a removable tray so you can stow dirty diapers later.

4. Baby-Basket-Baby Changing-Cradle

This changing table insert is made of cotton muslin, so it’s soft enough for your baby to rest his head on while he’s being changed. Just slip the basket on top of the changing pad in your nursery, and it’ll keep all dirty diapers contained in one spot.

5. Baby crochet cradle

You can turn this basket into a baby cradle with a few changes of yarn and crochet stitches. Check out the tutorial at Meaningful Mom for tips and more pictures.

6. Cradle Crafts: Baby Changing Basket

Once you have this basket, you’ll have a handy place to store dirty clothes and towels. Just throw it in the wash regularly; your basket will always look lovely.

7. Diaper Basket with Handle

Here’s a super cute diaper pail that’s made to look like a crutch, don’t leave it lying around! You can clean the baskets with a quick wipe and some fabric softener or cover them with a towel when it needs to be cleaned for more thorough washing.

8. Diaper basket in a bag

This bag is designed as a diaper organizer and comes with two sets of zippered pockets. The top layer has three sacks, while the bottom has another three, so you have plenty of room to keep your baby’s things.

9. Green Diaper Basket

If green doesn’t work with your nursery decor, this basket is also available in red and brown. You can use it anywhere in the nursery — on the changing table, dresser, or even floor — to keep all your changing supplies organized.

10. Indoor Natural Faux Fur Cradle Basket

If your baby sleeps in the nursery, this basket might be the perfect solution if a natural cradle is too big. The natural-looking fur and draped fabric curtains give it an elegant look that will fit anywhere.


There are tons of stylish handwoven baby changing baskets for you to choose from. You can find one that matches your nursery’s colour scheme or coordinates with seasonal decor. No matter which one you choose, you won’t be sorry when you see your baby sleeping in his new, cozy bed!

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