Getting Engaged: How To Handle The Stress


Is it normal to feel anxious post-engagement? Does everyone go through it? See, marriage is a big commitment, and engagement anxiety is only a logical reaction to it. That is why it is understandable if you feel engagement stressed. 

People are more susceptible to negative emotions both before and after the event. Here we share pro-active ways to deal with engagement stress. 

Know Why You Are Stressed

People rarely talk about feeling anxious about getting engaged. But, just as marriage stress is real, so is engagement stress. It’s essential to deal with such mental triggers healthily. And the way to deal with it is first to find out the reason why you are stressed. 

The Reasons for Engagement Anxiety

Feeling anxious about the engagement is more common than we realize. Here are the reasons to feel tense post engagement- 

  • Getting engaged means you are stepping closer to get married, which is a lifelong commitment. Personal doubts and responsibilities include being a good daughter-in-law, managing the in-laws, being a good wife, sacrificing personal space, and several things that trigger fear. 
  • These days, the most common reason for feeling stressed post-engagement is the fear of responsibility. All these thoughts can trigger lots of negative emotions, and the way is first to identify the particular reason.
  • Interestingly, designing the engagement ring and coming to a conclusion about the style and the budget is one of the few reasons some of us may get stressed. Lab-grown diamonds Adelaide can be a viable option to handle such cases. 
  • Another fact that triggers negative emotion is when you doubt that perhaps there is a deeper relationship problem. Maybe you need some more time but are not being able to confront it or vocalize your opinion. If you are stuck like this for a long time, it creates shame, guilt, and resentment. 

How to Manage Engagement Anxiety

  • Self-reflection is Important

Self-reflection is the first step to manage post engagement stress. Begin by prioritizing yourself first and then your partner instead of thinking about third-parties in the marriage. 

Confirm that you are truly happy about being engaged. When you reflect upon yourself, it becomes easier to face the real reasons and the factors that create your head’s negative thoughts. 

  • Share your feelings with your fiancé.

It is never a healthy decision to stack-up your feelings inside yourself, and there can be no harm to take emotional support from your fiancé. Perhaps, he is also feeling the same way, and when you talk it out, it becomes easier to sort out the problem. 

When you work out the reasons, there is a good chance that you will feel less worried and stressed. 

  • Confide To Newly Weds

If speaking about your inner fears with your fiancé sounds like a challenge, then confide it to a recently married bridesmaid. You will be amazed to see that many of them have the same feelings and will give you some real advice. 





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