Fun Panda Bear Facts For Children


Who doesn’t love to cuddle up with your favourite Panda bear toy at night? These toys are not only fluffy but also soft and soothing. It is one of the most loved cuddle toys for kids. They are adorable, huggable and almost every kid in the world imagines having one all to themselves. The Panda bear toys are a fun way of inspiring your kids and getting them to be active and nature-loving. This toy could be the one that your kid needs to bring about a change. This article list out the fun Panda bear facts for your kid check them out!

  • One of the oldest living wild animals:

Panda bears have been living and roaming the planet for several millions of years now. Today they are on the verge of extinction and one of the most endangered animals. Who would have thought that they are on the threshold of leaving us so soon! After all, they have been in the wild for nearly 3 million years!

  • A bear or a raccoon:

They have intrigued scientists who often wondered whether they are actual bears for a species of raccoons. It was only in the later years that they wear referred to as panda bears. There are different species of panda bears like the Giant Panda, Red Pandas, black and white Pandas and more.

  • Symbol of peace:

The Chinese are closely related to Panda bears and often consider it as a symbol of peace. Ancient Chinese tribes took to fighting and hunting in the wilderness alongside these bears. Since ancient times, the Chinese used these bears as symbols of peace to call a truce or put an end to a fight. Several of the Chinese battles would be ended by flying flags high with a Panda bear on it. The battle would be immediately stopped, and peace would reign.

  • Magical charm and protection:

Since time immemorial, the Chinese have believed that Panda bears brought magical charm and protection. For this, it was hunted for its fur. It was believed that a person wearing the Panda bear fur could ward off evil spirits and surround themselves with goodness.

  • Rich in legends and folklore:

There are several legends in relation to the Panda bear. One such legend says that originally the Panda bear was all white. A little girl befriended a panda cub in the wilderness, and while they were playing together, they were attacked by a leopard. The girl tried to save the Panda but was killed instead. At the little girls funeral, these bears smeared themselves with black ashes while wiping away tears. From then on they had a black and white appearance that remains till this day!

  • Endangered:

Did you know that a recent study has indicated an alarming fact that there are just a thousand Panda bears in the world? With global warming and the high pollution levels, they are now an endangered species. Besides this, several of them were once hunted down in large numbers for their warm Fur coats.

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