Follow these steps after car accident in Los Angeles


An unfortunate car accident can leave you shocked and overwhelmed. Sadly, car accidents are way too common in Los Angeles. If you have sustained serious injuries, your immediate concern should be about seeking medical attention. Also, you may want to consider seeking legal advice, so that you get compensated for your injuries and property damage, especially when the other party was at fault. To hire one of Los Angeles car accident attorneys, you can check online for reviews. Below is a list of steps that must be followed after a car accident in LA. 

  1. Call 911. No matter how small the accident may seem, you have to call 911, and this is mandatory by law, not just some moral obligation. If you are feeling okay, check if other drivers or anyone involved in the accident needs help and medical care. 
  2. Gather evidence. Make sure that you gather enough evidence from the accident site. Note down the details of other drivers, witnesses, and anyone important to the case, and yes, take enough photos. Photographic evidence can come in handy in the future. 
  3. Report the accident. Use the SR-1 Report of Traffic Accident form to report the accident to the California DMV. This is a must for all drivers involved in an accident that resulted in injuries, death, or property damage amounting to $1,000 or more. 
  4. Inform your insurance company. There is the statute of limitations in California that allows just two years, to file personal injury lawsuits, counting from the date of car accident. However, this does not apply to insurance claims. Inform your insurance company and at-fault party’s insurer within reasonable time. 
  5. Consider hiring an attorney. California follows the Pure Comparative Negligence Rule, which states that a victim can ask for compensation, even if they have more than 50% share in fault. For example – if you have suffered injuries and your damages have been marked at $10,000 with share of fault at 50%, you can still recover $5,000 in damages. This, however, also means that the other driver can file an insurance claim with your insurer. Since car accidents can get complicated in no time, having an attorney is a wise step. 

Final word

The top-rated car accident attorneys in LA often work on a contingency basis, which means they don’t get paid, until and unless they win a settlement for you. Consult an attorney immediately after the car accident. 

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