Five Reasons Why Scrunchies Are Your Hair’s Best Friend:


Struggling with breaking hair and split ends? Looking for a hair accessory that is gentle on your hair? If you haven’t tried this hair accessory, you have missed out on a lot. Wondering what it is? We are talking about the evergreen scrunchie.

Though the scrunchie did take a dip during the early 2000s, it is now back with a bang and is even adorning runway shows and celebrity style profiles.

The best scrunchies are made from high-quality material, are gentle on hair, and last quite long. You can also get these scrunchies in different materials, patterns, styles, colors, and designs.

The origin of the scrunchies:

The early 1980s saw women using metal ties to keep their hair in place. These ties were quite harsh on the hair and scalp and often led to headaches and hair breakages.

One woman, Rommy Revson, wanted a hair tie that was gentler on the hair. She went on to create the first fabric hair tie and patented the first scrunchie design in the year 1987.

Since then, this versatile hair accessory has gone through various transformations and has managed to make a unique style statement at every instance. Today, you can even buy scrunchies online, making it quite convenient for women who juggle multiple tasks and can’t find time to go out shopping.

So, how is shifting to scrunchies really going to help you? We detail the top 5 benefits of these versatile hair accessories:

Scrunchies are gentle on your hair:

Well-made scrunchies have a good quality layer of fabric. As a result, you can tie and remove them easily. The best scrunchies also use wider and natural elastics that are properly sewn into the fabric to create the perfect gentle hold.

For these reasons, scrunchies are counted among the gentlest hair accessories.

Scrunchies prevent hair damage:

Metal and elastic hair ties tend to tug on your hair very hard. This results in hair breakage and hair damage when you try to detangle the ties of your hair. Metal and hair ties also tug hard on your scalp resulting in frequent headaches.

Scrunchies are made of elastic bands that are engulfed in fabric material. Elastic ties are gentle on your hair. The cloth layer adds an extra layer of protection, keeping your hair safe and preventing breakage and split ends.

Scrunchies are ideal for every hair type:

Whether you have short hair, medium, or even long hair, scrunchies are well-suited for every hair length. Apart from this, scrunchies can tame every hair type whether you have wavy curly hair or even straight hair.

We love scrunchies from The Halo Effect. Apart from selling a wide variety of products, this company ensures that every product is upcycled.

Scrunchies can turn your bad hair day into a perfect hair day:

No time to wash your hair? Having a bad hair day? Just tie your hair into a ponytail or hair buns. Transform your messy hair into a presentable and sophisticated hairstyle. Unexpected meeting or presentation? Keep a scrunchie handy always. They really help save your hair day.

Silk and Velvet scrunchies keep your hair healthy:

Beauty and hair experts advocate the use of silk to keep your hair lustrous and prevent hair damage. In fact, if you are struggling with hair fall, you can start using silk pillow covers and hair accessories made of silk.

Silk scrunchies are an excellent hair accessory if you have hair fall. Silk also encourages hair growth while preventing hair fall.

Similarly, velvet scrunchie creates a moisture barrier for your hair, prevents drying out, and allows healthy hair growth.

Bottom Line:

Scrunchies are good for your hair. These versatile accessories can even be worn on your wrist when you want to leave your hair down.

The best scrunchies are gentle on your hair, keep every hairstyle in place, and last you for a long time.

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