Fashionable Work Dresses in Singapore


When you are working in one of the top cities of the world like Singapore, then you hoard some of the best office wear for ladies. As you are working alongside colleagues from all parts of the world, then you need to have a decent sense of fashion. Either you can buy a dress from shops in the malls and other places and when you google out dress online Singapore, you will come across various websites that sell some of the best office wear.

Types of dresses best for office 

There are certain types of dresses which are best suited for wearing to the office. It is listed below.

  • Black Suit 

The Black Suit never goes out of style when it comes to corporate wear. Pairing a black coat with a white shirt gives you the elegant look at its best.

  • Skirts 

When it comes to skirts, one doesn’t go for the flowery, long flowy skirts. Wearing Pencil skirts with a tight-fitting shirt and a coat gives you the best of the office look. Going for minimal accessories and long pointed heels elevate the look to the maximum level. When it comes to work dresses Singaporethis is one of the highly sought-after types of clothes.

  • Sarees 

Singapore being an Asian country has various elements of Indo centricity in it. So, the women can drape a saree to the office without having any second thoughts. The saree shouldn’t be very glossy and catchy. During summers, cotton sarees can be worn, and, in the winters, a plain silk saree makes you stand out of the crowd.

  • Business casuals 

When it comes to casuals, the term varies from office to office. Based on the official guidelines, you can decide the level of casualness in your clothes. Indo-western wear is mostly Jeans paired with short or long kurta; these are some of the best suited for office casuals. You can use a cotton scarf as an accessory to this casual dress.

  • T-Shirts and trousers 

T-shirts can be worn during days when you don’t have any meetings. Any type of T-shirt can be worn along with trousers and one can look very chic in the office.

  • Palazzo and Blouse 

Palazzos have become very trendy. When you wear a loose blouse along with Palazzo, it gives an excellent look for the office.

You can sport all these kinds of clothes and look your best in the office. These clothes can be alternately worn and they aren’t very expensive as well.

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