Fascinating, Dazzling, Charming And Elegant Events By Damian Alexander Du’bel


Attending an event organised by Bella Mayford is an experience in the celebration of womanhood. Designed and created to reflect the theme of the company and the values it upholds, these events are attended by people, especially women, from diverse societies, varied strata and many different walks of life. Needless to say, every event is crafted to perfection where the audience is treated to a visual saga which actually manages to make every woman feel like a queen.

The man behind the idea has undergone a very fascinating journey which brought him in contact with several women; each unique in their own way and each one making a difference in the lives that they touch. This special connection that he experienced when traversing the globe made him come up with Du’bel Holdings where every item reflects the essence of being a woman and where luxury is actually affordable.

A Bella Mayford event is always organised with womanhood and its various aspects as the main theme. While the theme may be constant, the fact that there are many facets to being a woman makes every event innovative, unique and original. The women going to attend these events usually expect the unexpected and know without a doubt that they are bound to be surprised, dazzled and immensely appreciated for who they are.

This is what makes every event organised by Damian Alexander-Du’bel  a resounding success; one which is talked about in the media for days after it actually unfolds. The fact that this man single-handedly created something which is so exquisite, so strong in its connection to women and so appreciative of the outstanding person a woman is, gets portrayed in every event organised. The subtle references to the myriad qualities that a woman posses and the bold yet subdued creativity of the events makes them one of the most awaited for events across the world.

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