Family Couple Fashion Business Opportunity


Previously, this family fashion couple was only used at certain times, such as birthdays, weddings and other formal events. But now, with a more stylish design, family fashion is also widely used at leisure, such as traveling to casual events with family. Starting from abroad and then growing among Indonesian meanings such as who often dresses up as twins with his children during leisure and formal events. From here the development of family fashion couple began to spread among the people of Indonesia. Family couple fashion products that are selling well in the community are now various, not only clothes, but also bags, shoes and various other accessories.

To make family couple fashion products, business actors should pay attention to design concepts that are suitable for parents and children. Combining compatibility between parents and children requires high accuracy and imagination. For example, in terms of color selection, if there is only one color, the couple’s fashion family product will not be finished. In addition to the design concept, business actors must also always be up to date to see the latest fashion developments. This is online shop to buy shirt for mom and dad

Actually, this fashion couple product for the family is not much different from other fashions, only the design and wearer are different. Even though they have a family theme, this couple product must be able to make different designs between children and parents. This is intended to continue to prioritize the characteristics of children.

For example, a pair of shoes. Often parents want wedges-type shoe products, but if wedges are also applied to children, it certainly doesn’t fit. Therefore, it is better for children to wear flat shoe designs with the same design and material as their parents’ wedges. In addition to the suitability of the design, business actors must also pay attention to product comfort. This is because one of the consumers are children. If the children are comfortable, of course the parents will follow suit. The selection of the right materials is one way to create comfort in fashion products that can reap up to 60% of this turnover.

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