Experts Suggest The Right Way To Buy Authentic Designer Shirts For Men


Designer shirts for men are beyond simple attraction and are a global staple for both elegance and sophistication. If you are a man of taste and love dressing up in subtle yet professional-looking designer shorts, you shall learn about all the best ways of making the most out of designer shirts.

Now you can look your best in designer shirts in not one or two but several ways through the tricks and tips shared by the fashion influencers.

Look For The Perfect Shirt Color That Complements Your Skin Tone

When choosing designers shirts, men must look for contrast. For those who are oblivion to what contrasts it, it’sit’s about how your hair appears against the skin tone. Richer and fuller coloured designer shirts are the best for men who have pale skin tone combined with darker hair. However, men having medium contrast-like tanned men with darker hair would look the best in medium colours like:

  • Salmon Reds
  • Olive Greens

Men with lighter skin tones and hair can go for pastel shades like off-white, beige, or even pastels.

Take The Versatile Color Route When Buying Designer Shirts

If it is your first designer shirt shopping, going for light blue or even white is a safer option. These two colours complement anything else that you would want to style with. These two coloured shirts can be used as a base. Once you have stacked your collection with flexible solid coloured designer shirts for men, you can try patterned shirts, polka dots, abstract prints, etc.

More Texture Equals Less Formal Wear

The texture printed on the shirt fabric is somehow linked with formality. The more surface you go for, the lesser formal your shirt becomes. For the first few designer shirts, go for smooth broadcloth cotton shirts, owing to how you can wear them on all occasions.

Understand Your Preferences For Cuff Styles

The collar and cuffs are the two most noticeable aspects of a designer shirt. While men don’tdon’t bat an eyelid about them, many consider them and take them seriously. Shirts with French cuffs are more formal but are entertained at casual events. Not only French cuffs, but you can also always browse through other cuff styles to showcase your style.

Last but not least, always check through the quality of designer shirts for men before you commit to them. And when styling the designer shirts, always make them stand out by choosing to tuck your shirt inside your pants. Another factor is to check if it is fit to size; baggy and extremely tight shirts lose their charm and look weird. So, now you know how to make the most of designer shirts, you can begin your hunt for the best piece.

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