Everything You Need To Know About Riedell Brands 


So you are looking for the best brand for a skating boot? Riedell brands will never disappoint you, thanks to the exceptional features and excellent performance.  These outstanding skates are produced by expert craftsmen who are dedicated to making every stride special.  

The factory is located in Red Wing, Minnesota. It boasts of top quality skates. The team has been releasing the best skates in the market for over 70 years. It’s a company driven by excellence and uniqueness. If you want a well-performing and comfortable skating boot, you now know where to shop one.

Still, asking why Riedell?


  • Produces best and complete skates sets 


The skilled team produces a complete set of skates. The wide variety of options produced is meant to keep the skating spirit alive among the masses. So, any skating accessory or boot you might need can be made for you. This is possible because the factory has a custom-made skate set-up.


  • Offer wide selection for different skating boots


Due to the high level of expertise, they have been able to create a broad selection of figure skates, boots and blades. Roller skaters are not left behind since there is a wide collection of toe stops, plates, boots, and bearing wheels.


  • Offer customization options 


At Riedell, your skating boot can be created according to your wish. They believe that for you to skate with passion, you must wear something that that connects with your heart’s desire. Using the customization option, you will soon be skating in your dream skates no matter how sophisticated your preferred design is, it can always be made for you.


  • Works in partnership with industry leaders 


Besides manufacturing the best skate brands, Riedell works closely with the industry leaders. This has helped them develop and produce Antik Skates and Moxi Roller Skates brands product lines. Riedell team has won the trust of these brands a0.s they produce classic and top quality products that are a reflection of expertise.


Different types of Riedell brands 

  1. Roller skating brands 
  • Riedell roller; This skate is the best target for all skill levels. It is featured by excellent performance and high-level comfort. It is made with the best materials. Incredibly, the skates undergo 125 stages during production. This results in an amazing roller skate.
  • Radar Wheels; You can use radar wheels for outdoor and indoor skating. It’s the best in terms of performance and quality. Radar wheel is produced based on in-depth research advancement, not to mention the testing done by skaters.
  • PowerDyne Plates and Accessories; These are advanced roller skates that will offer you an exceptional experience. 
  • Kwik bearings; If you want to increase your skating speed, kwik bearings are the best.  You can choose either steel or ceramic Riedell kwiK bearings for top class performance. Also, they require less maintenance.
  1. Figure skating brands
  • Riedell Ice; these are produced using the latest technology. They have amazing designs. With these skates, you get more comfortable. They are also a good fit.
  • Eclipse blades; These tend to be light, fast and strong. Eclipse blade will keep you at the top of the competition. 

Riedell brands are the best. They are manufactured with the skater’s needs and aspirations in mind. Get yourself one of these brands today and enjoy a superb skating performance.

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