Everything You Need To Know About Bedding


Have you ever wondered why the bedding section in the department store is so large? A set of bedding consists of a flat sheet or fitted sheet to cover the mattress, blanket, quilt, comforter or duvet and the duvet cover and last but not the least, the pillows. Not only are there different items to a bedding set; they come in different colours, patterns, designs and sizes. A whole floor is not often enough to accommodate the different items.

Choosing between a flat sheet and fitted sheet

The flat sheet is a simple, rectangular piece of cloth that can be laid flat over the mattress. Fitted sheets have elasticized corners that are designed to be pulled over the mattress to achieve a secure fit. Sometimes, flat sheets are placed over the fitted sheet but under the blanket, duvet or comforter. The idea is to make the bed look clean, tidy and inviting. During the summer months, many opt to use a flat sheet instead of a duvet.

Correct size is very important when choosing a fitted sheet to make sure that it will fit the mattress and stay in place. Size is not the first priority in flat sheets but the quality of its material to enjoy a comfortable sleep. Since the skin will come into contact with the sheets, it is important to choose a material that has high quality like cotton blend and 100% Egyptian cotton. They are breathable, soft to the skin and easy to wash.

The colour of the sheets must complement the colours of the rest of the bedding set. Common colours like white and cream can easily match any colour scheme. However, there are also exciting colours that will allow you to achieve a fun and unique colour scheme.

Choosing between a duvet and comforter

Both the duvet and comforter are made from durable and fashionable outer fabrics and filled with down, wool or other synthetic fibres. Comforters are usually sold together with a set of matching sheets and pillowcases. A comforter does not require a cover and can be machine washed.

A duvet is a type of bedding that is filled with natural down, wool or other synthetic alternatives. It is different from a comforter because it needs a removable cover for protection. Duvet covers are usually available in the same material as the sheets like cotton, linen and polyester. However, there is no reason why you cannot mix and match the colours based on your personal preferences.

The duvet cover can also be changed according to the season or to add style to your bedroom. The good thing with duvet covers is you can use them to cover the sheets if you are not in the mood to make the bed.

To create a unique look for your bedroom, you can opt for personalized bedding on Etsy where designs and colours can be customized to make your bedroom different from others. Designs are created digitally so that there is a higher chance to truly have a one-of-a-kind bedding that will suit your lifestyle.

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