Engineering Comfortable High Heels?


High heels have been around since the 17th century. First worn by upper class men in France. Later on, high heels became a staple for modern women, and are today seen as an attractive accessory most women own.

High heels have a way of making a woman’s posture more appealing. It makes the back slightly arch, causing the best parts of a woman to stick out. It makes her legs appear longer, and causes her to walk around like a dainty swan, similar to ballet. It also sends out an image that she is confident and cares about the way she looks.

The only problem that every woman knows about high heels is that they are uncomfortable. Some say high heels are sexy BECAUSE they’re uncomfortable. But do people really enjoy others in pain? And even if that were true, why should women today accept to be in pain for the pleasure of others?

This might be obvious, but several studies have shown that men find women smiling more attractive than when they’re not. But how can someone smile when they’re in pain? Being uncomfortable is not sexy. And generally people don’t find it sexy when a women is squirming in their heels and complaining about her feet hurting.

That’s why Bouti Comfortable High Heels has come up with a luxurious solution to this age old problem.

The up and rising company Bouti is launching the first ever comfortable high heels. After over 2 years of designing and perfecting their prototypes, Bouti has successfully created the first ever comfortable high heels. Using several layers of different components, it feels like you’re walking on clouds. The comfortable high heels are designed to look sleek and seamless on the outside, so that nobody would ever tell they had so much going on inside.

They are projected to launch their first collection in October 2020, and are accepting pre-sales.

Check out the revolutionary high heels that I believe will change the way modern women wear heels.

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