Do Roses and Lilies Go Together?


Lilies and Roses are the perfect flower arrangements for any occasion. The radiance of white lilies and rose pink will create a romantic atmosphere.

The combination of several red roses with pink lilies will give a fresh impression. Meanwhile, white roses, which have a sacred and pure meaning, are certainly suitable for flower table and event decoration.

And when the combination of pink roses and pink lilies is arranged together, it will also form a beautiful celebration.

What to grow with Roses

The shapes, colors, and smells of roses are amazing, but the season isn’t long. If you combine blue roses with other plants, you will not only be presented with a beautiful view of the flowers, but you will also border between the more interesting seasons to enjoy.

Growing other plants with roses also attract beneficial insects, and that will prey on pests. Some plants can also help prevent diseases, such as dark rose spots and rose dew.

This combination of plants provides color before the roses bloom, flowers their beauty in midsummer, and provides further color and structure after the roses have faded.

Most lilies begin to flower just as the first roses start to bloom. Tall, fluffy Lilium regale produces beautiful, white, pink flowers with a delightful fragrance. It also makes great cut flowers.

An ideal rose bouquet would appear if you add three gypsophila, seven alstroemerias, seven palm fronds, three lilies, three chrysanthemums, lots of happiness to it.

Many people believe that roses are “independent” flowers and will decorate themselves with elegance.

Some people like to call it “queen of thorns.” Before getting closely and seriously involved in selecting flowers, it is necessary to determine the anthropological parameters of the rose. Namely, with the height and appearance of the rose itself.

One ancient legend believes that lilies are snow white (“the flower of the Virgin Mary”), which was revealed directly from Eve’s tears.

Dim lilies, tall aquilegia, delphiniums (pale blue, snow-white, purple), and mordovniks will blend perfectly with low-growing roses.

What is suitable for white roses? Snow white bells in a variety of colors can provide deep meaning that should be explored by flower researchers.

Beautiful Lily Flower

Lilies are known to thrive in humid tropical areas. So the Lily flower is very suitable to be used as an additional decoration for small events to formal events, especially for outdoor locations where there is sunlight. The use of lilies will add to the impression of being exotic, sensual, and elegant in a sacred religious wedding. Not all lilies have a strong and long-lasting fragrance. There is a type of lily that can spread its aroma within a radius of 1.5 meters.

The beautiful lilies and their fragrant smell always amaze those around the event. Maybe even flower lovers are already familiar with the existence of this beautiful lily. The lovers of this calm and beautiful lily flower are mostly women because they can enjoy the visual beauty and aroma.

Roses are the most popular type of flower in symbolizing the beauty and love of something and have always been the flower of choice for men to seduce and express admiration for women. However, many lack the expression that these roses can be a beautiful bouquet when combined with lilies. Many types of flowers have beauty, elegance, and serenity and combine into one unit. One of them is lilies.

The lily flower comes from West Asia and the Mediterranean. The reflection of the lily flower’s beauty has been known for a long time by flower admirers. Besides exuding visual beauty such as flower petals, lily flowers also have a fragrant and calming aroma. That’s something that can make you remember the elegance of the lily bouquet.

What to Expect From Lilies

When lilies are planted in a suitable location and season, they will reproduce well and return to bloom every summer. If you want flowers to plant lilies, you can do this. First, it is important to know not to cut the stems. This is all because the lily leaves are on the stem. Without it, the tubers cannot produce sufficient energy to produce flowers the following season.

If you want to grow lilies for cutting, they can be placed like a season one. Plant them in a cutting garden or pot nursery so you can arrange the items you want and then compost the tubers at the end of the season.

Lily bulbs grow best in rich soil. During spring and early summer, plants need moisture, but if the soil is too wet, it can rot or cause disease. If you are growing lilies in pots, allow the top a few inches of soil to dry out slightly between other waterings.

The lily’ shape is tall and slender, so there doesn’t need to be a lot of space in the garden. But they must be exposed to lots of light – and not affected by other plants.

Caring for Lilies After They Bloom

When the lilies fade, prune them to keep the plants looking their way. Then you can get rid of all the spent flower bunches but still, leave as many stems as possible. Allow the leaves and stems from continuing growing into late fall and summer. At this point, cut the stems back a few inches not far from the surface of the rich soil.

Over time, most lily bulbs will continue to reproduce, and the plant will grow into large clumps with many stems.

How to Extend the Life of Roses

-Rose flowers can last a week or more if you are diligent in caring for them properly.

-Always cut the rose stems with a sharp, non-serrated knife. This can give the rose more absorption area to draw in air.

-Place stems in warm water between about 94 degrees F.

-Never leave the leaves or thorns underwater as this can cause bacteria to multiply.

-Change the temperature or air conditioning every day.

-Tidy up the roses every other day.

How to properly plant roses with other plants to create a harmonious landscape?

In general, roses against a blue clematis background, honeysuckle, and Actinidia can make them look more expressive.

And good about the successful combination of roses with ears of perennial grass. They can give elegance and freshness to rose garden beds. Roses can also join many other flowers, but not with all, perhaps, only with white lilies, but only with some types and colors of lilies.

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