Do fashionable masks have an impact on users?


Fashion is something that turns anything into a style statement. Likewise, when the COVID-19 is spreading , we all have to protect ourselves by wearing face masks. Though wearing masks become a part of our daily routines, there are many designs and prints available in the market that entice people to buy them. These beautiful designs allow us to wear masks without getting bored. In other words, it can be a new way of expressing yourself.

Designer masks usually are distinctive as they are made of colored and printed premium fabrics, which gives them a break from monotonous styles of others.

Why go with fashionable face masks?

Being a new fashion accessory, face masks are not only creating employment opportunities but also increasing the income of the fashion industry. Consumers are making a fashion statement by wearing matching masks with their outfits.

Hundreds of companies are involved in manufacturing colorful face masks. They are now accessories required for preventing germs and easily fit the shape of a face. Before buying masks, there are certain things that must be considered.

  • Should masks be medical-grade?

As per government guidelines, people should cover their face properly to protect themselves from getting the corona virus. Only healthcare staff and front line workers need to wear N95, FFP2, and FFP3 masks. Most people can buy masks made of apparel fabrics, saving medical grade masks for medical personnel.

  • What should be the cost of fashionable face masks?

Fashionable face masks are available everywhere. is a  website from where you can find numerous face masks to widen up your choice. The price range differs depending on the quality and design of the face masks.

  • What kind of fabric is best for face masks?

Nowadays, cotton fabric is the most commonly used fabric. However, Aegis Haus use viscose, instead. Viscose, like cotton, is a naturally-serviced fabric but uses sources such as bamboo which require less water and are more sustainable.

  • Which size suits me best?

Well, there is no official sizing system that needs to be followed. Just make sure that the masks you are buying covers your mouth and nose snugly.

For now, we have to wear face masks daily, so why not go with the designers’ one. Perhaps, this may help us to fight with COVID 19 in the best manner.

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