Diverse Styles Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide To The Different Types Of Sandals For Men


In today’s scenario, if you believe that only women have different footwear choices, then that’s not the case. Even men have a wide array of footwear choices, and comfortable sandals are one of them.  Sandals for men are their best buddies when the weather heats up. Given the high demand, top shoe brands such as Neemans offer a variety of styles of sandals for women and men. 

Whether it is a sandal for women or men, what makes them unique and different from other shoe styles is that they are open from the front and have straps. From casual outings to more formal occasions, you can style them for various occasions. For this reason, every man’s closet needs to include sandals. 

Let us dig into different styles of sandals for men and their unique features.

  • Flip Flops

Flip-flops are the summer classics and the most easy-going of all sandals. These have a minimalistic design with a Y-shaped strap that offers unparalleled breathability. Whether going to the beach or for a casual stroll, flip-flops are the must-have sandals for men that embrace comfort and simplicity. 

  • Slides

Slide sandals are easy and comfortable to wear and, hence, are popular among all age groups of men. It has an open-toe design with a single wide strap that crosses the foot, making it look stylish and convenient. It is a must-have footwear for those who look for chic comfort in their ensemble. 

  • Hiking Sandals

  Yes! If you don’t like wearing shoes, you can have hiking sandals for your outdoor adventure activities. These are lighter than boots or shoes and provide unmatched breathability for the feet. The features that make these sandals different from the others are the design of multiple straps and adjustability. Hence, hiking sandals are a seamless blend of functionality and comfort. Their unique style keeps the feet cool during challenging hikes, making them ideal footwear that combines both adventure and urban exploration. 

  • Cork Sandals

Men who support sustainability in all their endeavors would look great in cork sandals. Cork sandals for men combine the best style, comfort, and eco-friendly material. The cork is utilized as the footbed in these sandals, which molds to the feet’s shape over time, providing exceptional comfort. You can pair these sandals with casual or semi-formal attire to make a statement. 

  • Walking Sandals

Walking sandals are a practical choice for men to perform various activities with complete comfort and style. These sandals have cushioned footbeds, which offer excellent arch support and shock absorption during long walks. The lightweight material of these sandals enhances mobility, making them ideal footwear for extended walks, traveling, and other outdoor adventure activities. 


In conclusion, sandals for women and men come in different materials and styles. From cork sandals to leather sandals, all have their advantages. Choose the premium material and style of your favourite sandal from top shoe brands like Neemans, and enjoy every step while doing various activities.


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