Different types of blind box series in the market


Have you ever heard of popmart molly? Pop Mart was founded in 2010 from a small retail store to chain stores located in leading department stores. This toymaker has created some of the most innovative designer collectible toys in China. Young people are obsessed with Pop Mart’s cute little dolls, bought one by one.

Is it Gambling?

Still, some people believe that design strategy and pricing are just the tip of the iceberg of pop mart australia success; frankly, it’s pretty satisfying to see the numbers lined up on your shelf.

But the most incredible excitement is when you open the box. Arguing over whether blind boxes are a type of gambling get people’s attention.

There is a chance to get a product of real value in the commercial market that is more than what you pay. No wonder Pop Mart is so addictive, and it’s human nature.

According to Pop Mart’s prospectus, the company earns about 40 yuan for each blind box it sells. This generated a nearly 70% gross margin. Pop Mart’s net profit margin is roughly three times that of a traditional Las Vegas casino.

Pop Mart also has a problem with anti-counterfeiting. Fans are reportedly having trouble distinguishing the authenticity of the numbers when trading. Now it is up to Pop Mart to maintain good social and market responsibility.

Dimoo Zodiac series:

Some of the features of the dimoo zodiac series are given by,

Blind Box: The dimoo zodiac Series includes 12 regular figures and one secret version.

It is one of the perfect gifts for a little boy and a girl. The ideal blind box toy gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and more!

Material: PVC/ABS material/non-toxic paper harmless and no smell Adorable Adult Lucky Box Puppet Toy the character’s colours are bright and not easy to fade. Smooth surface and high quality

Laura floral fashion series:

The vinyl Figure laura floral fashion series blind box includes one randomly packed vinyl figure.

The eyes were full of stars and looked like tears from a distance. She frowned and looked unhappy. Even though her face was innocent and stubborn, she was “cunning,” both cute and lovable. In March, the flowers bloom Laura, the girl with the eyes of the star. At the show, many flowers and plants make people feel like they are in a sea of ​​flowers. 

And the aura of spring fashion is coming and being fresh. Laura put on a beautiful petal dress and moved to the world like a flower fairy. One turned around and looked behind him. All attract attention and are full of charm.

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