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There are different ways to show your affection to someone or even to yourself, all equally valid and personal: saying “I love you”, giving an unexpected gift, a sincere hug in a difficult moment … or always carrying their name with you. 

Custom jewelry is one of the latest trends this year, especially name necklace, as it is not only about wearing a beautiful accessory but the great stories that are hidden behind it. There are different possibilities to wear these special jewels, but we are going to show you the ones that we like the most and be able to give you ideas for your next gift.


Bracelets are a very elegant option to wear on your wrist who you also have in your heart, and what is more personal than designing it yourself? Jechic give you the possibility to create the jewel as you like , whether in gold, silver, with pearls, diamonds … whatever you want!



Of all these, this is the most versatile alternative, being able to combine the personalized ring with other simpler ones, thus creating an original, different and elegant combination. Like bracelets, at Jechic you can make the jewel yours by choosing the design you like best: colored stones, round or elongated ring and many more options.


Wearing the initial of your special person is the most minimalist alternative, a simple but very significant detail. Initials large or small, colored or plain, on a bracelet, on a ring, on a necklace or made of different materials with which to create your personalized jewel, enter our website and you will see all the alternatives!

Old English Initial Letter Necklace Golden Color Gollory

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