Connecting your lifestyle with your home interior


Your home is the place which you own and where is belong to. It is the most secured and relaxing place in the world for you. For that reason, the interior of your home is of paramount importance. Generally a good interior for a home is the one that makes it functional to meet your needs and set the mood and ambiance for you to relax and enjoy. However to achieve perfection in designing the interior, it is essential to incorporate your personality in it. Your home should not only blend with your lifestyle but also showcase it to everyone in the most impactful way. Hiring professionals from the Evolve Styling would help you achieve perfection in depicting your way of living with your home decor.


  • Conveying your lifestyle through your home


When you decide to express your lifestyle through your home, you need to consider four basic elements. Your culture, religion, place your hail from, and the general lifestyle of your spouse and family are the key components which you need to address to capture the complete way of living. These elements determine your everyday life.

  • The cultural domino

Your culture makes you what you are. Including your culture in the interior can have an exceptionally positive domino effect. It can draw your family and friends and would encourage them to know more and get inspired by your culture. You can add pieces like wall hangings, tapestries, or other decorative pieces to include culture. For instance, if you follow Japanese culture you can add calming design element which reflect a balancing influence of Japan.

  • Link to religion

Your religion is closely linked to your lifestyle. It is your belief that you follow in every step, speech, and action. Including your religion will help you draw positive energy and encouragement from your home itself. You can add a symbolic ancient piece in the decor, choose a particular color, or put up a photograph. You can simply hang crosses in your living room or a peaceful small idol of laughing Buddha, or anything that connects with your religion.

  • Couple or family lifestyle

Your home belongs to you and also to your family. It is always great to include everyone’s belief to showcase oneness. You and your spouse may follow different religion. Having essence of both the religion expresses your love and respect for each other. It shows that you are two different individuals but still together for love. Often children have a different lifestyle. You can also include their choices in certain areas to give them a sense of belongingness.

  • Connection to your roots

The deeper your home reflects your root the more connected you feel to it. If you hail from the Mediterranean region, you can choose deep blue color or seashell decors to reflect your love for the oceans. It makes you feel connected to your root and cherish the memories from your childhood all lifelong.


  • Ingredients you have


Once you have decided on your basic theme that would include your culture, religion, and roots, the nest question is how to include it in the interior. Many people only go for the decoration pieces. However, you can also achieve this through color palette, patterns and textures, and shapes. Start early and ask let your interior designer work with the architecture to create a home that is a perfect reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

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