Choosing a Bikini According to Body Shape


Definitely agree that the bikini is one of the must-have fashion items during the summer holidays . Going to the beach or swimming in a private pool is definitely fun.

When you want to choose a bikini, don’t just choose it because of its contemporary shape. You also need to adjust it to your own body shape. A bikini that doesn’t fit your body shape will feel less attractive, you know, Bela. Therefore, Popbela has compiled a bikini according to body shape that can be your choice. Have read, immediately choose your favorite bikini, yes!

  1. Pear body shape

Has a characteristic upper body shape that is smaller than the bottom, so a two-piece bikini is suitable for you. Use a bikini with a bright color or pattern will make it more attractive.

  1. Square body shape

Switch to the owner of the square body! Women who have a square body usually have a flatter chest than owners of other body shapes. That’s what makes the tube top bikini considered suitable. A bikini with a ruffle top will give the illusion of a fuller chest.

  1. Hourglass body shape

Having the shape of the hips and curves or slimmer than the other parts are the characteristics of the owner of an hourglass body shape. This body shape can be said to be the ideal body shape, you know, Bela! Use a one piece bikini that can give the illusion of your body when swimming and sunbathing !

  1. Apple body shape

Apple body shapes tend to have a broad back and shoulders but the lower legs and thighs appear smaller. Create a cool fashion style when wearing a bikini that has a support wire at the bottom. Using a motif or plain, a bikini will be equally attractive, Bela.

  1. Inverted triangle body shape

Inverted triangular body shape, has a broad chest, so you need to expose your upper body shape, Bela. Wearing a bikini in bright colors is the best choice! Start investing in a yellow tube top bikini with a minimalist motif.

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