Can kids be safe from disasters or shooters on using ballistic blankets?


The truth is that crime rates are increasing very fast across the globe including the United States. There have been reported gun-wielding anti-socials who have targeted school children of all ages. This has indeed increased concerns among parents. They are eager to enhance protection of their child right from the time they go to school until they get back home. You may perhaps be searching for such defense items that will safeguard your child. In such a case, you can invest in Ballistic Blanket that is now available in the market. They do offer excellent protection against most of the weapons that were used in most of the unfortunate school shooting incidents.

Safeguarding against life-threatening elements

The Ballistic Blanket can be termed to be a bullet resistant cover that is worn by the user. You can find standard and custom solutions to fit your child’s body perfectly. The cover is designed to protect your beloved one from life-threatening weather event-related projectiles like tornado debris and bullets.

Such blankets are produced in two Level IIIA NIJ (National Justice Institute) standard ballistic materials. There is also used an absorbent gel whose objective is to offer enhanced protection against 90% weapons commonly used by criminals.

The gel used in the cover is considered to be of the highest energy and a wonderful absorbent material. On combining both the materials, it produces a dense, thick plastic pad of 5/16 inch. It is good enough to prevent debris or bullets from penetrating the wearer’s body. Rather, it is designed to catch as well as deform the object or bullet. This is what makes Ballistic Blanket special.

Claims made

The manufacturers of such defense wear claims that this blanket is made to absorb about 490 to 660 joules of energy. This is approximately 361 to 486 foot pound force, thereby permitting energy absorption in higher degree, thereby preventing bodily injury. The blankets are however tested by the manufacturer at the shooting range to ensure it serves the purpose it is created. Moreover, the blanket does offer enhanced protection from bullets fired from a 9mm, .22 caliber and 12-gauge buckshot, etc.

Reasons for increasing popularity

The truth is that Ballistic Blanket is gaining prominence for various reasons. It is found that active shooters tend to take to the hallways considered to be ‘safe rooms’ to carry out their crime. Moreover, ‘safe rooms’ do cost a fortune per child when compared to bomb blankets.

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