Brent Emerson Charlotte NC on when to wear tops with Halter Neckline


When it comes to shopping and choosing out outfits style and cut are one of the most significant things to consider. Certain dresses do not always compliment everyone’s body type and no style is correct for everyone. Halter neck is one of the favorite styles of dresses or tops to wear. Whatever neckline you choose to go with, you want to make the best of your look and your dress. Ensure it is the right one. Knowing your body type and what looks perfect for you is crucial and essential when it comes to looking polished. Brent Emerson Charlotte NC, a renowned fashion designer says that in understanding what neckline looks good for you, you need to focus on two things. At first, you need to think about your body proportions and select a piece of clothing that compliments those proportions.  If you have an athletic shoulder, then a halter neck is ideal for you. It enables you to show off your arms while parting it to your chest and neck. Moreover, you need to think whether or not the neckline you select is functional.

Brent Emerson Charlotte NC points out some flattering benefits to wearing a halter neckline.

  • Statement necklaces are a chic trend to be able to pull off and yes even if the halter neck is too high and your neck is not exposed you can still rock it. Chunkier pieces look contemporary when worn appropriately.
  • Halter necklines are great for exposing shoulders and drawing the eye upward, making a balancing effect. Halter necklines also assist to balance women who have broad shoulders as it helps to proportion their top portion with their bottom portion.
  • Halter necklines have an extensive tight-fitting high collar that tends to make volume in the neck area. A halter with a bit of a turtleneck that hits below the chin will cut away your height, making it best for those who want to counterbalance a long face or neck.
  • Halter necklines create a balancing effect. These effects are very useful for women who have an hourglass body structure. The halter will assist balance the shoulders with the width of the hips to help give your body a more unbiased look.

However, Brent says that not every style is made for everyone’s body type. It is very essential to understand your proportions and what works for you. If you are bulky women with bulkier arms then this might not be the neckline for you. This neckline would add great more volume in the top visually making you look voluminous than you actually are.

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