Best Performance For Cycle Bearings



An essential part for the performance of your cycles, bearings must be monitored regularly. It is not always necessary to take them apart. If that remains the only alternative, here are some tips for doing the best.

Moreover, as far as possible, avoid doing so because the operation gradually degrades the equipment: loss of seal, deformation of the flanges and balls are all potential risks for a gain in performance which is sometimes minimal. You can find out more and have the best choice now. The deals are perfect in this case now. The aspect for the perfection is essential now.

The less the bearing is dismantled, the more it will remain watertight. Do not take it apart unless absolutely necessary (water ingress, sand inside, screeching).

Light bearing maintenance is sufficient most of the time

Just like with a car or any other machine, however, the maintenance of roller bearings must be regular. Check your equipment every 5 to 10 outings or depending on the intensity of your practice and the weather conditions.

Three in one lubricant

  • Steps to maintain a bearing without removing it from the wheel
  • take the wheels off the turntable
  • clean the surface of the bearings without removing them from the wheel hubs using a toothbrush, paper towel or a blower
  • make circles on the surface to wick away the film of dirt
  • Take the opportunity to also clean the plate with a cloth and toothbrush.
  • During a race think of the 3 in 1!
  • If you don’t have the time or the tools to perform the maintenance, consider the 3 in 1.
  • Spray on each bearing while rotating the wheels slowly to distribute the product evenly.

Then, spin the wheels quickly to eject the excess

Clean the wheels with a paper towel or rag so you don’t have any residue that could cause you to slip and fall. Take out the roller roller bearing and check its nature.

Remove the bearing from the wheel

Are your bearings blocked because the inline cycles have been stored in a corner for a few hours or several days too long? All you have to do is bring a few tools and have a good two hours of free time to take them apart.

First of all, you have to get the bearings out of the wheel. If you don’t know how to do it, you can consult:  How to extract your roller bearings.

  • The necessary equipment for the maintenance of the bearings
  • petroleum or degreaser for degreasing
  • oil, grease or gel to lubricate
  • needle or pin to extract the circlip
  • waterproof container (original box, aspirin tube)
  • rag or paper towel

Cleaning the bearing surface

When the bearing is removed from the wheel, the next step is to get rid of the impurities that remain on the surface to more easily determine what type your bearing is.If you have already cleaned the surface before removing the bearing from the wheel, you can finish cleaning it with paper towels.


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